VIRGIL DONATI shines as a musician and commentator on social developments

02. March 2020

VIRGIL DONATI brilliert als Musiker und Kommentator gesellschaftlicher Entwicklungen

Virgil Donati is one of the great percussion luminaries in the prog metal/fusion genre. In 2011 the Australian, who has been living in the USA since 1996, applied to Dream Theater as Mike Portnoy's successor, but had to admit defeat to Mike Mangini at a casting with high media impact. However, he might not have been able to make full use of his abilities with the American prog metal legends - at least not as he did with his fabulous new album "Ruination".

eclipsed: "Ruination" is already your seventh album. In comparison to the previous album "The Dawn Of Time - Orchestral Works" you did without the classical elements this time and used more metal and dent influences