Anna von Hausswolff - neues Album "All Thoughts Fly"

Anna von Hausswolff's neues Album "All Thoughts Fly" erscheint am 25. September. Mit dem Titel "Sacro Bosco" wurde bereits eine erste Single aus dem instrumentalen Orgelalbum veröffentlicht ...

Die Künstlerin zum Album: “There’s a sadness and wilderness that inspired me to write this album, also a timelessness. I believe that this park has survived not only due to its beauty but also because of the iconography, it has been liberated from predictable ideas and ideals. The people who built this park truly set their minds and imagination free. All thoughts fly is a homage to this creation, and an effort to articulate the atmosphere and the feelings that this place evokes inside of me. It’s a very personal interpretation of a place that I lack the words to describe. I’d like to believe Orsini built this monumental park out of grief for his dead wife, and in my Sacro Bosco I used this story as a core for my own inspiration: love as a foundation for creation.”

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