CHRIS CORNELL - letztes Studioalbum "No One Sings Like You Anymore"

Im Namen des The Chris Cornell Estate und Universal Music Enterprises haben Vicky Cornell und ihre Kinder Toni und Christopher die Songsammlung „No One Sings Like You Anymore” von Chris Cornell digital veröffentlicht. Die physische Veröffentlichung folgt am 19.03.2021. Chris selbst hatte die zehn Songs dieses letzten Studioalbums zu Lebzeiten noch persönlich ausgewählt. Es sind Cover von Künstler*innen, die er sehr schätzte und die ihn inspirierten.

Chris Cornell nahm die zehn Cover-Versionen, die nun als sein letztes, vollendetes Studioalbum erscheinen, 2016 auf. Alle Instrumente wurden von Chris selbst und von Brendan O’Brien eingespielt, der das Album produzierte und final abmischte.

“This album is so special because it is a complete work of art that Chris created from start to finish. His choice of covers provides a personal look into his favorite artists and the songs that touched him. He couldn't wait to release it. This moment is bittersweet because he should be here doing it himself, but it is with both heartache and joy that we share this special album”, sagt Chris’ Frau Vicky Cornell über diesen Release. "All of us could use his voice to help heal and lift us this year, especially during the holiday season. I am so proud of him and this stunning record, which to me illustrates why he will always be beloved, honored, and one the greatest voices of our time”, ergänzt sie. 

"When my dad was making this album, it was so fun – I remember waking up in the morning, having breakfast with him and going with him into the studio. We would take our piano lessons there, and Christopher would play video games with Brendan and my dad. We got to experience so much with him and have so many amazing memories. I'm really happy to be sharing this album. We love you, daddy”, so Tochter Toni Cornell.

Ihr Bruder Christopher Cornell ergänzt: "We had so much fun in the studio during this time, and on days off we'd go to Tree People and hike around there.  We would also play hide and go seek inside the Beverly Hills Hotel and when security would show up they would think it was so funny that my dad was running through fire escapes with us. For me this album represents who my dad was. I'm really proud of him and his work. I hope you all love this record as much as I do."

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