Kommende Neuveröffentlichungen

In dieser Rubrik informieren wir regelmäßig über kommende Neuveröffentlichungen und stellen dazu als kleinen Vorgeschmack ausgewählte Song-Auskopplungen vor.

ARION Vultures Die Alone (09.04.) (Melodic Rock)

BLACKBRIAR The Cause Of Shipwreck (23.04.) (Gothic Rock/Symphonic Metal)

BLANKETMAN National Trust (19.03.) (Indie)

CACTUS Tightrope (02.04.) (Classic Rock)

CAN Live Stuttgart 1975 (Krautrock/Psychedelic)

THE CIRCLE Metamorphosis (23.04.) (Art Metal)

GILBY CLARKE Gospel Truth (23.04.) (Rock)

GRAHAM COSTELLO Second Lives (07.05.) (Postrock/Minimal)

DELVING Hirschbrunnen (Mai) (Psychedelic/Progressive Rock)

GHOST ECHO Isolated Dreams (25.03.) (Progressive Rock)

GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR G_d's Pee At State's End (02.04.) (Post Rock)

DAMIEN JURADO The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania (14.05.) (Singer-Songwriter)

LAZULI Denudé (16.03.) (Progressive Rock)

ODD DIMENSIONS The Blue Dawn (26.03.) (Progressive Metal)

OFF THE CROSS Enjoy It While It Lasts (29.04.) (Melodic Metal)

SECRET OF ELEMENTS Chronos (23.04.) (Electronica)

ST.VINCENT Daddy's Home (14.05.) (Avantgarde/Alternative)

STEVE VON TILL A Deep Voiceless Wilderness (30.04.) (Singer-Songwriter/Noise)

TROPE Eleutheromania (31.03.) (Progressive Rock/Alternative)

YOSSI SASSI & THE ORIENTAL ROCK ORCHESTRA Hear And Dare (19.03.) (Progressive Rock)

PAUL WELLER Fast Pop (Volume 1) (14.05.) (Rock)

CHANTAL ACDA Saturday Moon (26.03.) (Indie)

ALESTORM Live In Tilburg (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) (28.05.) (Heavy Metal)

AMORPHIS Vinyl Collection 2006-2020 (19 LP Boxset) (21.05.) (Melodic Death Metal/Progressive Metal)

THE ANTLERS Green To Gold (26.03.) (Indie)

ARAB STRAP As Days Get Dark (05.03.) (Indie)

RONNIE ATKINS One Shot (12.03.) (Heavy Rock)

AZIOLA CRY The Ironic Divide (26.03.) (Progressive Rock)

ANDREA BIGNASCA Keep Me From Drowning (19.03.) (Bluesrock)

JAMES BIRD These 13 (05.03.) (Singer-Songwriter)

BLACK SABBATH Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition) (05.03.) (Heavy Metal)

BLACKBERRY SMOKE You Hear Georgia (28.05.) (Southern Rock)

BONGZILLA Weedsconsin (20.04.) (Sludge/Stoner)

BONNIE PRINCE BILLY/ MATT SWEENY Superwolves (30.04.) (Folk/Blues)

THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND 2005-2020 Doom Over The Years (19.03.) (Doom)

BUDDERSIDE Spiritual Violence (26.03.) (Heavy Rock)

BURNING WITCHES The Witch Of The North (28.05.) (Heavy Metal)

BYRDI Byrjing (05.03.) (Nordic Folk)

NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS Carnage (28.05.) (Folk/Singer-Songwriter)

CHEAP TRICK In Another World (09.04.) (Hard Rock)

CHEZ KANE Chez Kane (12.03.) (Melodic Rock)

THE CHOICE FEW One Way Streets (19.03.) (Glam Rock)

CITIZEN Life In Your Glass World (26.03.) (Shoegaze)

CONAN Live At Freak Valley (13.03.) (Doom)

DEL AMITRI Fatal Mistakes (30.04.) (Folk/Pop)

TOUMANI DIABITÉ Kôrôlén (feat. London Symphonic Orchestra) (23.04.) (World Music)

EGO KILL TALENT The Dance Between Extremes (19.03.) (Rock)

ELECTRIC BOYS Ups!de Down (30.04.) (Hard Rock)

THE END MACHINE Phase2 (09.04.) (Hard Rock)

EQUALIZER Revealed II (19.03.) (Experimental)

EVANESCENCE The Bitter Truth (26.03.) (Melodic Metal)

FALSE MEMORIES The Last Night Of The Fall (07.05.) (Dark Metal)

THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS Silver Burns (23.04.) (Heavy Rock)

FM Tough It Out Live (09.04.) (Hard Rock)

PETER FRAMPTON BAND Frampton Forgets The Words (23.04.) (Rock)

MARTY FRIEDMAN Tokyo Jukebox 3 (16.04.) (Heavy Rock)


GREEN LEAF Echoes From A Mass (26.03.) (Stoner Rock)

GRETA VAN FLEET The Battle At Garden's Gate (16.04.) (Blues Rock)

JULIANA HATFIELD Blood (14.05.) (Rock/Singer-Songwriter) 

HEART HEALER The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson (12.03.) (Symphonic Metal)

HEAVY FEATHER Mountain Of Sugar (09.04.) (Psychedelic)

HELLAMOR/RED STONE CHERRY Split Album (09.04.) (Stoner/Doom)

HEXVESSEL Dawnbearer (Reissue) (16.04.) (Psychedelic Rock)

BEN HOWARD Collections From The Whiteout (26.03.) (Singer-Songwriter)

GARY HUGHES Decades (12.03.) (Hard Rock)

GARY HUGHES Waterside (12.03.) (Hard Rock)

GRAND ROYALE Carry On (26.03.) (Rock)

ICON OF SIN Icon Of Sin (16.04.) (Melodic Hardrock)

IRON MAN Hail To The Riff (05.03.) (Heavy Metal)

ISSA Queen Of Broken Hearts (12.03.) (Melodic Rock)

IVY GOLD Six Dusty Winds (12.03.) (Bluesrock)

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES Vertigo (21.05.) (Occult Rock)

KADAVAR The Isolation Tapes (Premium Edition) (09.04.) (Stoner/Psychedelic)

KALI TRIO Loom (19.03.) (Post Rock)

KAUAN Ice Fleet (09.04.) (Heavy Metal)

MYLES KENNEDY The Ides Of March (14.05.) (Rock)

TRACE KOTIK Everything Has Been Done By Now So Everything Is Possible... (23.04.) (Indie/Singer-Songwriter)

LA MORTE VIENO DALLO SPAZIO Trivial Visions (26.03.) (Psychedelic Rock)

PEKKA LAINE The Enchanted Guitar Of... (19.03.) (Psychedelic Rock)

CHRISTIAN LILJEGREN Melodic Passion (26.03.) (Melodic Rock)

THE LIMIT Caveman Logic (09.04.) (Heavy Rock)

LONEY DEAR A Lantern And A Bell (26.03.) (Post Rock)

LOVEBITES  Glory, Glory, To The World (EP) (10.03.) (Melodic Metal)

LYNYRD SKYNYRD Live At Knebworth '76 (DVD/BLU-RAY) (09.04.) (Southern Rock)

MÄDHOUSE Bad Habits (23.04.) (Heavy Metal)

MAGMA RISE To Earth To Ashes To Dust (12.03.) (Doom)

MAMMOTH WVH Mammoth WVH (11.06.) (Heavy Rock)

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA The Million Masks Of God (30.04.) (Indie)

METALITE A Virtual World (26.03.) (Melodic Rock)

PARKER MILLSAP Be Here Instead (09.04.) (Singer-Songwriter)

GARY MOORE How Blue Can You Get (30.04.) (Blues Rock)

MONO Beyond The Past – Live In London With The Latinum Anniversary Orchestra (19.03.) (Post/New Artrock)

MOTÖRHEAD Louder Than Noise. Live In Berlin (CD/DVD) (23.04.) (Heavy Metal)

ISRAEL NASH Topaz (12.03.) (Folk/Psychedelic)

ANDRÉ NENDZA On Canvas I (07.05.) (Jazzrock/Experimental)

NIGHTFYRE Shattered Lands (EP) (23.04.) (Heavy Metal)

CLIVE NOLAN Song Of The Wildlands (14.05.) (Symphonic Prog)

OFF THE CROSS Enjoy It While It Lasts (29.04.) (Heavy Metal)

ORDEN OGAN Final Days (12.03.) (Heavy Metal)

OS BARBAPAPAS Doowoodoowoo (30.04.) (Psychedelic/Jazz)

CHRISTIAN PABST Balbec (30.04.) (Ambient Jazz)

THE PRETTY RECKLESS Death By Rock And Roll (2021) (Hard Rock)

PRIMITAI Violence Of The Skies (26.03.) (Heavy Metal)

SUZI QUATRO The Devil In Me (26.03.) (Hard Rock)

THE QUILL Earthrise (26.03.) (Hard Rock)

JOSHUA RADIN The Ghost And The Wall (23.07.) (Singer-Songwriter)

REACH The Promise Of A Life (23.04.) (Alternative)

RIPE & RUIN Infinite Monkey Theorem (EP) (26.03.) (Alternative)

ESTHER ROSE How Many Times (26.03.) (Singer-Songwriter)

SCREAMACHINE Screammachine (09.04.) (Heavy Metal)

BALLAKÉ SISSOKO Djourou (09.04.) (World Music)

SLOW LEAVES Holiday (07.05.) (Singer-Songwriter)

SMITH/KOTZEN Smith/Kotzen (26.03.) (Heavy Rock)

JOHN SMITH The Fray (26.03.) (Singer-Songwriter)

SONIC HAVEN Vagabond (07.05.) (Heavy Metal)

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA Trip (16.04.) (Krautrock/Psychedelic)

PAUL STANLEY Now & Then (19.03.) (Soul/Rock)

STING Duets (19.03.) (Rock/Pop)

SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK Sake Fyra (16.04.) (Post Metal)

THE SUN AND THE MIRROR Dissolution To Salt And Bone (02.04.) (Experimental/Doom)

SUNBOMB Evil And Divine (14.05.) (Melodic Metal)

SUNSTORM Afterlife (12.03.) (Melodic Rock)

TEMPLE BALLS Pyromide (16.04.) (Melodic Rock)

TETRARCH Unstable (30.04.) (Alternative)

THIS MORN' OMINA The Roots Of Saraswati (26.03.) (Industrial/Psychedelic)

THORIUM Empires In The Sun (19.03.) (Heavy Metal)

THUNDER All The Right Noises (12.03.) (Hard Rock)

TOMAHAWK Tonic Immobility (26.03.) (Avantgarde/Alternative)

TOMMY'S ROCKTRIP Beat Up By Rock'n'Roll (07.05.) (Rock)

THE TREATMENT Waiting For Good Luck (09.04.) (Classic Rock)

TYGERS OF PAN TANG Majors & Minors (28.05.) (Heavy Metal)

U.D.O. Live In Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show (19.03.) (Heavy Metal)

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN Monuments (16.04.) (Psychedelic Rock)

MORGAN WADE Reckless (19.03.) (Singer-Songwriter)

RILEY WALKER Course In Fable (02.04.) (Singer-Songwriter/Psychedelic)

WEEZER Van Weezer (07.05.) (Alternative)

WHO'S THE BAD GUY Disziplin (26.03.) (Fusion/Avantgarde)

WOLFCHANT Omega:Bestia (09.04.) (Pagan Metal)

THE WOODLANDS Love Is A Stone (06.06.) (Singer-Songwriter)

NEIL YOUNG Young Shakespeare (1971) (26.03.) (Singer-Songwriter)

ROB ZOMBIE The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy (12.03.) (Heavy Rock)

A KEW'S TAG Hephioz (Februar) (Progressive Rock)

AINUR War Of The Jewels (19.03.) (Progressive Rock)

AZIOLA CRY The Ironic Divide (26.03.) (Instrumental Progressive Metal)

BELL ORCHESTRE House Music (19.03.) (Experimental)

COSMIC REAPER Cosmic Reaper (19.03.) (Progressive Stoner)

COSMOGRAF Rattrapante (26.03.) (Progressive Metal)

DISTRICT 97 Screenplay (Live) (26.03.) (Progressive Rock)

GHOST IRIS Comatose (07.05.) (Progressive Metal)

GOJIRA Fortitude (30.04.) (Progressive Metal)

GRORR Dulden's Last Flight (26.03.) (Progressive/Post Metal)

THE HIRSCH EFFEKT Gregaer (EP) (26.03.) (Avantgarde/Alternative)

JANE GETTER PREMONITION Anomalia (26.03.) (Progressive Rock)

JETHRO TULL  A (Deluxe Edition) (16.04.) (Progressive Rock)

JORDSØ Pastoralia (07.05.) (Progressive Folk)

JPL Sapiens, Chapter 2/3: Deus Ex Machina (12.03.) (Progressive Rock)

KAYAK Out Of This World (07.05) (Progressive Rock)

LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT LTE3  (26.03.) (Progressive Metal/Fusion)

MAHOGANY FROG In The Electric Universe (17.03.) (Psychedelic Prog)

MOTORPSYCHO Kingdom Of Oblivion (16.04.) (Progressive Rock)

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF The Soord Sessions: Volumes 1-4  (Deluxe 4CD Hardbook Edition) (16.04.) (Artrock/Progressive Rock)

POVERTY'S NO CRIME A Secret To Hide (30.04.) (Progressive Metal)

RPWL God Has Failed – Live & Personal (CD/DVD/BLU-RAY) (30.04.) (Progressive Rock)

SAGA Symmetry (12.03.) (Progressive Rock)

SECRET SPHERE Lifeblood (12.03.) (Progressive Metal)

SILVER LAKE Silver Lake (28.05.) (Progressive Metal)

STEARICA 202020 (19.03.) (Progressive Postrock)

SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE Mountain Fever (14.05.) (Progressive Metal)

SWEET OBLIVION FEAT. GEOFF TATE Relentless (09.04.) (Progressive Metal)

NAD SYLVAN Spiritus Mundi (09.04.) (Progressive Rock)

TUNIC Exhaling (09.04.) (Noise/Experimental)

TURBULENCE Frontal (12.03.) (Progressive Rock)

VARIOUS ARTISTS The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert – Fanfare For The Uncommon Man (11.03.) (Progressive Rock)

VOLA Witness (21.05.) (Progressive Metal)

WHEEL Resident Human (26.03.) (Progressive Metal)

PER WIBERG All Is Well In The Land Of The Living But For The Rest Of Us...Lights Out (14.05.) (Progressive Rock)

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