NEAL MORSE - neue Single vom kommenden Soloalbum "Sola Gratia"

NEAL MORSE hat mit "In The Name Of The Lord" eine erste neue Single von seinem kommenden Progressive Rock-Soloalbum "Sola Gratia" (VÖ 11.09.) veröffentlicht. Für das Album arbeitete Neal mit seinen langjährigen Partnern Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Gillette, Bill Hubauer und Gideon Klein zusammen. 

Morse zum Schaffensprozess:

“As I was gathering a bunch of random ideas in February for this album, when I got home and started to put it together, the riff that starts this song was the very first thing I recorded. I couldn’t play the riff and sing at the same time so I wrote it separately. The chorus came from some ideas I had while early morning walking in Sydney, Australia. Sola Gratia is the only album Mike, Randy and I made remotely and I think they absolutely killed it! Lyrically, I am fascinated by the conversion of Saul of Tarsus to Paul the Apostle. The fact the he starts off persecuting christians and then becomes the guy who writes most of the New Testament is a rich story..there’s so much to may become a series!”

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