RAIN "Singularity"

John Jowitt und Andy Edwards werden mit ihrem neuen Projekt RAIN im November ihr Debütalbum "Singularity" via Giant Electric Pea (GEP) veröffentlichen.

John Jowitt: “It’s been about ten years since I played with Andy, in both IQ and FROST- it’s a really instinctual rhythm section. With RAIN, Andy has had the chance to show what an all-round musician he is. Rob and Mirron are both amazing musicians, songwriters and singers, and it’s just a great combination. I’m really pleased that our old friends at GEP have shown faith in the band - it’s one of those albums that I would have bought if I’d not been on it. It’s prog, Jim, but not as we know it.”

Andy Edwards: “RAIN isn't a project, it's a band and we want to make more and more music. This is the dream team as far as I am concerned - everyone is very talented but in different areas and so the whole is greater than the parts. And RAIN is pure prog too, no ifs or buts, it does everything it says on the tin. This album has been one of the easiest albums I have ever made, everyone loves what everyone else does, it's been a joy having all these ideas come in!”

Das komplette Rain-Line-Up ist:

Rob Groucutt - Gesang, Tasten 

Gitarre Andy Edwards - Schlagzeug

John Jowitt - Gesang, Bass 

Mirron - Gesang, Gitarre

Seht hier das kürzlich erschienene "Lockdown-Live"-Video von "Devils Will Reign" aus dem Album ...

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