TRANSATLANTIC - neues Video zum kommenden Album "The Absolute Universe"

TRANSATLANTIC - die Prog-Supergroup bestehend aus Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt & Pete Trewavas - haben ihr fünftes Studioalbum "The Absolute Universe" zum 5. Februar angekündigt. Es ist das erste neue Album der Band seit "Kaleidoscope" im Jahr 2014. Heute haben sie das Video zu "Looking For The Light" veröffentlicht.

Mike Portnoy kommentiert: “Looking For The Light is one of the heavier tracks on The Absolute Universe. In the tradition of Transatlantic sharing all lead vocals, this track gave me my showcase to deliver the lead vocals as it called for a bit more of an aggressive approach. This is one of the few tracks that remains primarily the same and appears on both versions of the album. However not content to keep it simple, the version included on the music video is actually a unique version which combines both Looking For The Light and its Reprise from later in the album into one combined version available only here in this video.”

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