WOLF PARADE - Tourabsage

Leider muss die WOLF PARADE-Tour kurzfristig abgesagt werden. Die Band hofft, dass die Termine nachgeholt werden können. Nähere Infos dazu sind zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt leider noch unklar. Aus diesem Grund können alle bisher erworbenen Tickets an den jeweiligen VVK-Stellen zurückgegeben werden. Im Nachfolgenden dazu das Statement der Band:

To our dear fans in Europe and the UK,

Wolf Parade is sad to announce we have decided to cancel our upcoming tour overseas. Due to the sudden rise of COVID-19 throughout different regions we were scheduled to play, and the current volatility of the situation, we feel strongly that it would be both globally irresponsible and potentially risky for the band to carry out the tour at this time. The amount of major airports, international driving, and crowds of people we would be interacting with - they all combine to form what is ultimately a bad idea; a recipe for a potential worst-case-scenario in which we could end up being unknown carriers of the virus across multiple borders, or end up ill and/or quarantined ourselves overseas. We did not arrive at this decision easily, but in the end, the band and our team all agree it is the right and responsible decision. We hope you understand. - WP

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