eclipsed No. 140 / 5-2012

Drive into daylight

The stage suit wearer Joe Bonamassa completed his most recent tour of Germany at the beginning of March - the most successful so far for him. And it seems that this would only be a stopover on the JB's autonomous way to the top. Without the big hype, without hits in the luggage - but with a lot of work and an ubiquitous master plan.

Falling out of time

With Storm Corrosion, the progressive heavyweights Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt have realised their joint project announced a year and a day ago. We talked to the creative heads of Porcupine Tree and Opeth about years of hype, unrealistic expectations and horror films that create community.

At the end of a development

Three years after the blown out opus "The Resistance" Matt Bellamy and Co. are in the middle of the production process of the still untitled follow-up album. This could be the deciding factor in the public perception of a band that was originally acclaimed for its ability to combine alternative rock and progressive rock. eclipsed gives an overview of what to expect from the new music recording.

"Janis was a wonderful friend!"

She's been on the board of Club 27 for four decades now. As singer of the Californian psychedelic rock group Big Brother And The Holding Company Janis Joplin had enjoyed her first fame at the end of the sixties. The collaboration ended at the end of 1968, and Joplin tried his hand as a solo star. The Texan woman died on October 4, 1970. Big Brothers still exist today. Sam Andrew, the only remaining founding member, remembers his time with the hippie icon.

Council Pack of Rock

A new super group, for which the world has not necessarily waited, punishes all notorious blasphemers lies. The Flying Colors convince with a diversified, independent debut album, which resembles a ramble through the rock history of the seventies. Accordingly, guitarist Steve Morse almost bursts with pride.

A job like any other

For ten years now, Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore have been working as OSI on their idea of how Progressive Metal can be spiked with electronic elements. On their fourth studio recording "Fire Make Thunder" the two exceptional artists once again show how versatile and touching this combination can be.

All weather!

A masterpiece? The high point of your band career? Vincent Cavanagh may not be in the right mood for the cheering choir that accompanies the release of the new Anathema album "Weather Systems". In the interview he presents himself refreshingly honest, realistic and modest - and as a true advocate of understatement.

The unknown soldier

It Bites are back. After four years in which they had completely withdrawn from public life. Now a new studio work is available. Like their German colleagues RPWL, It Bites have recorded their first concept album. With "Map Of The Past" they describe the fictitious life of a real soldier.


The Progressive Rock of Japanese coinage is undoubtedly the most dazzling of the worldwide community. And yes, he fulfills the clichés one might associate with him: the virtuoso, limitless, extreme exaggeration and the transgression of taste boundaries.

Keep the text up! Cult Songs and their Significance

In 1967 David McWilliams wrote the verses to his most famous song under the impression of Bob Dylan's symbolic, suggestive lyrics. The Northern Irish folk rocker tells the story of a man who was a stranger to him and who lived on the street in his hometown at that time. "Days Of Pearly Spencer" is a captivating ballad about the cause and effect of homelessness.

Shopping list IGGY POP
Rock? Punk? Glam? Metal? Chanson? Pop!!!

Iggy Pop belongs to the ranks of musicians for whom compromises are foreign and who go their way unperturbed. Since his days with the Stooges, the image of the hard, merciless, self-destructive junky has clung to the topless freak - not without his own help, of course. But behind the emaciated façade is an intelligent, shrewd and, above all, highly innovative artist.