eclipsed No. 148 / 3-2013

The Ravenator

"The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)" is Steven Wilson's latest prank. With his phenomenal third solo album, the Brit immerses himself in the past to redefine his own future. And Porcupine Tree will not belong to this group in the foreseeable future, as he clarifies in a conversation with eclipsed. In contrast to the ominous raven in the title of his record, Steven Wilson willingly provides information about himself, his music (and other stories).

Away from the festivities

The Rolling Stones and their fans are still in celebration mode: half a century of Rock'n'Roll, that's something. 31 years of which Bill Wyman rolled along with the famous band. Today he is busy and happy as a solo artist. There is no way back to the Stones for him. However, he still likes to talk about Jagger and Co, even if not only flatteringly.

Still Crazy After All These Years

2013 marks the fortieth anniversary of the dissolution of the English progressive formation Family. Reason enough for singer Roger Chapman and three of his "family members" to show the world at least once more what they have lost to this group.

The longest-serving rock band in the world

There are bands that have somehow always been there. Golden Earring are one of them: For 52 years without interruption in business, the Dutch are the longest serving rock band in the world. The fact that they continue to enjoy a high status at least in their homeland is shown by the well-filled concert halls and the number one success of their latest release "Tits 'n Ass".

Back in the attic

It's done: IQ guitarist and keyboarder Mike Holmes has dedusted and remixed the thirty year old debut album of his band, "Tales From The Lush Attic", in painstaking detail work. An effort that was absolutely worth it!

Refusal to stand still

Paul McCartney recently washed her clean of the accusation of being responsible for the Beatles' separation. Nevertheless, Yoko Ono will probably remain a red rag for fans of the famous quartet all her life. But she hasn't taken care of that for a long time. She just doesn't have time: Even at the age of eighty, the artist is still very active.

The midwife of Krautrock

It was a quarter of a century ago on 18 December that cult producer Conny Plank died at the age of 47. His wildly proliferating, versatile legacy impresses and influences the music world to this day. Now the work of the versatile studio inventor is honoured with the opulent four CD box "Who's That Man - A Tribute To Conny Plank".

Bluesrock in Flanell

Hardly any other musician corresponds so perfectly to today's projection of the guitarist of the seventies as Rory Gallagher. He actually wore those woodcutter shirts that were raised by the grunge to the belated symbol of the Seventies, his guitar was scrubbed off, his style rough. If the Ex key man's hoarse voice failed, it didn't matter, because it belonged to his Celtic Power Blues. For him, the blues was a synonym for intense life...

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

Nina Simone wasn't a sweet, nice female. She was often moody and aggressive. But always self-determined and uncompromising. It is obvious where she would have placed herself in her four portraits of women, which she designed in the text of her famous number "Four Women". With all her grumbling, she shouted, "My name is Peaches!".