eclipsed No. 150 / 5-2013

The Turn of Time - 40 Years The Dark Side Of The Moon

To describe the success and influence of "The Dark Side Of The Moon", you can't get far with conventional superlatives. Pink Floyd have brought about nothing less than a paradigm shift in rock music with this album. Perhaps the greatest merit of the group was the fact that it made the artful, skilful rock music palatable to a whole new class of listeners. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the release of the famous record eclipsed enters the far side of the moon.


On the occasion of its anniversary edition, the eclipsed editorial team has collected 150 exciting memories, thoughts and oddities in, around and around Floyd.

in the Service of Peace

Their rise to the musical voice of the hippie movement began with their appearance in Woodstock: Crosby, Stills & Nash - already back then and then again and again upgraded to a quartet by Neil Young - have remained true to their ideals "Love & Peace" to this day. In summer they come to Germany again for nine concerts. For eclipsed a welcome occasion to trace the spirit of the famous folk rock formation.

Live and with claws

Country rock with AOR appeal, these are the Eagles in studio format. Live the US-Americans can become quite beastly. Two now (re-)released concert DVDs once again prove the special live qualities of this successful band. And in the summer it drives them back to the stages of the USA.

Thick end

Concussions, knee problems, dizzy spells and travel frustration - after 48 years of drama rock Meat Loaf wants to end his career after one last big tour. At least as far as the stage is concerned. At least as far as countries outside the United States are concerned.

A castle in the Sauerland region

In his hobby cellar Edguys Tobias Sammet has again figured out a new wide skirt adventure for Avantasia. He rented a castle in the Sauerland region in order to set the scene for it to be visually perfect.

In and out again

With the album "Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep" the Mark-II line-up of Spockʼs Beard finally experiences their baptism of fire in the studio. This is a special recording anyway, as it is the first beard work without Nick DʼVirgilio, who still travels around the world with Cirque du Soleil.

Children, how time flies

Five years ago they celebrated a triumphant stage comeback. Now the musicians of the Anglo-Irish formation My Bloody Valentine are actually returning as recording artists: 22 years after their last album, the legendary noise manifesto "Loveless", the Shoegaze pioneers are now making friends of cultivated disharmonic pop happy with "m b v" as well.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

Roger Waters' texts for "The Dark Side Of The Moon" deal with the constants of human existence: birth, time, death, money, mental illness. War is also a theme, impressively translated in the text for the number "Us And Them". A protest song of a different kind. A protest song that postulates the inevitability of armed conflict.

Shopping list PROCOL HARUM
They skipped the light fandango

Procol Harum mastermind Gary Brooker summed it up in an interview with eclipsed in 2003: "We were and are philosophers of melancholy. Musically we offer the big orchestral gesture, come bittersweet and dark. "Textually, we are often vicious fellows." One could not define the claim and the world view of the formation from Essex more precisely. This was founded at the beginning of 1967...