eclipsed No. 163 / 9-2014

The story of rock photography

Jimi Hendrix in Monterey on his knees in front of his burning guitar, conjuring up the flames; Janis Joplin laughing on a couch, his left arm up his hip, in his right hand a bottle of Southern Comfort; Johnny Cash with a rage-distorted face, his right middle finger drawn like a weapon; Jim Morrison with his bare upper body as the embodiment of the voluptuous shepherd god Pan as well as the hedonistic worry-breaker Dionysos; David Bowie with his face at the level of Mick Ronson's pelvis...

JOHN GARCIA - The free swimmer

At the snack bars around the Schlesische Tor in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, people sit in front of flat screens and watch football. Only at Club Bi Nuu is the world championship in Brazil a minor matter. John Garcia's band Unida has gathered there for a soundcheck. Despite the newly awakened interest of the Americans in soccer, which one hears about everywhere, the members of the US band don't feel like kicking.

AMON DÜL II - We are Family

Amon Düül II emerged in 1967 from an artist community in Munich's trendy Schwabing district. In times of student unrest, APO and protests against the Vietnam War, music was still an expression of a socio-political attitude. Whether the band still lives this artistic spirit after almost fifty years, we discussed with guitarist John Weinzierl.

OPETH - The spirit of Wales at the end

of April. eclipsed sits together with singer/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt and guitarist Fredrik Åkesson on the sunny balcony of a Berlin hotel not far from Alexanderplatz. The new album "Pale Communion" is ready for prelude, but Opeth have to postpone the release until the end of August. Reason: Band boss Åkerfeldt commissioned his house artist Travis Smith to do a three-part cover painting that brings back pleasant memories of Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Pictures At An Exhibition", but was not finished in time.

CURVED AIR - Rebirth under the sign of Polarstern

Curved Air's new studio album "North Star" is based on their powerful-progressive times in the early seventies. And this although of the original line-up only singer Sonja Kristina and drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa are still present. Wonder violinist Darryl Way, who played a decisive role in shaping the Curved Air sound, has not been in the service of the British group since 2009; Paul Sax, however, is in no way inferior to him in terms of virtuosity.

JOHNNY WINTER - A Life for the Blues

His most desperate wishes remained unfulfilled during his lifetime: Johnny Winter waited in vain for a Grammy for his own album as well as for the recording in the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame. On 16 July, the gifted white bluesman was found dead in his hotel room in Zurich; he died during a tour at the age of seventy.

RICK WAKEMAN - When one makes a journey...

Rick Wakeman cannot be blamed for a lack of productivity. The blonde keyboarder, who decisively shaped the sound of Yes, has recorded more than a hundred solo albums in the meantime. One of his favourite musical children is still the setting of Jules Verne's novel "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", which is now available in a completely renewed and expanded version.