eclipsed No. 167 / 2-2015

STEVEN WILSON - Frei, that means alone

two years ago Steven Wilson climbed the Prog-Olymp with his solo work "The Raven That Refused To Sing". The active Englishman has received exuberant criticism across the scene. Now he lays with "Hand. Cannot. Erase." A work as ambitious and complex as its predecessor. However, the bar is high. If and how Steven Wilson wants to overcome them and which direction he takes, he tells in a big interview.

GOV'T MULE - Pink Floyd and all the others

In America an institution, Gov't Mule are still an insider tip in Germany. The band has been around for twenty years. But anyone who knows her knows that she has two identities. It now takes this fact into account with a special CD series. This raises the question: Gov't Mule and Pink Floyd - does that work together? Quite as Gov't Mule show on their latest release "The Dark Side Of The Mule".

ARCHIVE - The essence of the Essential

Archive's new album works like a song that has phases of relaxation, but mostly consists of rhythmic barrage fire. "Restriction" grabs the listener at the first bar of the Schlafittchen, so that he won't let go until the last note. "Restriction" is not a concept album, but rather describes a continuous stream of consciousness with few quiet spots and many rapids. The two chief archivists Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths are amazed themselves.

JACK BRUCE - Farewell to a Great

With him, the rock world has lost more than one great bass player: Jack Bruce, who died on 25 October at the age of 71, was also a brilliant composer and an outstanding singer, but above all a great person, as the many comments from colleagues already during his lifetime, but especially after his death show.

THE WATERBOYS - Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll

"An Appointment With Mr. Yeats", Mike Scott's homage to the famous Irish poet W. B. Yeats, dates back three years. After a few years of disorientation, the Waterboys found their way back to their folk rock roots. Since then, other artists have recalled the Waterboys: Ellie Goulding covered "How Long Will I Love You". Prince played "The Whole Of The Moon" at a show in London. But where is the journey of the Waterboys, who will perform again in Germany in 2015, heading with their new album?

JOE COCKER - Farewell to the white soulman

No white singer had a voice that was so immersed in the black soul as his. Hardly any of his colleagues landed so fast after the breakthrough so hard on the ground of the facts, but also only few fought their way back after the way by the drug and alcohol hell again so impressively to the top as Joe Cocker. His last fight, however, he could not win: On December 22, the 71-year-old Englishman died of lung cancer at his ranch in Colorado.

Successful title defence - BLIND GUARDIAN remain also with album number 10 the most creative metal artists in the country

Four years after "At The Edge Of Time" Blind Guardian impressively report back. Once again the Krefelder Quartett inspires with demanding, partly orchestral compositions, which despite the density of detail appear massive and crystal clear. This multi-layered work was also created in the band's own Twilight Hall Studios in Grefrath; it was produced by Charlie Bauerfeind. Musically and lyrically the group continues the great moments of their career.

End of the closed season for salon lions - Everything used to be better for BRYAN FERRY except his own music

The eternal charmer suffers from progressive cultural pessimism: the chart hits are getting worse and worse, the youth has no style anymore, and the ladies are no longer what they used to be. A scenario against which the former art teacher fights on his latest work "Avonmore" with rocky Edelpop of old school.