eclipsed No. 168 / 3-2015

LED ZEPPELIN - The last flight of the Zeppelin: the history of "Physical Graffiti" in the

mid-seventies Led Zeppelin had reached its second artistic zenith and documented this in a unique way with "Physical Graffiti", the band's only double album. Until today it is Robert Plant's favourite record with the group, probably also because the formation before and after has never been more expressive and multi-faceted. Released on February 24, 1975, "Physical Graffiti" was the first record in rock history to achieve platinum status through pre-orders alone.

Band in transition - PALLAS present themselves fresher than ever after a long musical journey

When the Scottish neoprog band Pallas was launched in 1980, nobody suspected that four years later they would create a work for eternity with their debut "The Sentinel". With Marillion and IQ she belonged to the spearhead of this genre. Their concerts were and are a truly pompous pleasure for the senses. But their winning streak was short-lived. When the singer Euan Lowson left the band in 1986, it was over at first.

UFO - Finally scandal-free!

A normal band will never become from the once rock'n'roll lifestyle shaken UFO probably. But since the US guitar witch Vinnie Moore joined the band in 2003, the English hard rock rocks have been on a consolidation course. The latest album "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is further proof of this.

YUSUF/CAT STEVENS - On velvet paws to the blues

Eight years after his comeback, the man who was once Cat Stevens has returned with the edgy album "Tell 'Em I'm Gone", indulging in blues, R&B and folk rock. The 66 year old Englishman with Greek and Swedish roots wants this to be understood as a homage to the music of his youth.

BLACK STAR RIDERS - Instinct-controlled

The Thin Lizzy successor organization Black Star Riders impressively proves with "The Killer Instinct" that it is not a flash in the pan. Their second recording is a classic rock album as it is written in the book. eclipsed met the main songwriters Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick at the "Planet Hollywood" in the Duisburg city centre.

BEARDFISH - The province's shaking

. Excuse me? "+4626-COMFORTZONE"? The title of the new Beardfish album comes with a little riddle. The number code is Sweden's telephone country code and the prefix of the coastal town of Gävle, home of Beardfish. So far, so good. But what about this "comfort zone"?

SYLVAN - Life crises from the old blow

The Hamburg art rockers Sylvan do not bake small rolls. Like her showpiece work "Posthumous Silence" (2006), the new album "Home" is a large-scale concept work. It joins the ranks of concept albums like Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Marillion's "Brave" or Steven Wilson's "Hand. Cannot. Erase" existential crises, individual destinies to the topic have.

SCORPIONS - The infinite history of

international music - there are three sustainably successful musical flagships from Germany: Rammstein and the Scorpions. After a few years of alienation, the hard rock heroes from Hanover are again considered a rock jewel at home. And will be honored for 50 years of band history accordingly. So also from us - with an eclipsed shopping list XXL.

COLOUR HAZE - The Gods Must Be Happy

Twenty years Colour Haze have already grown on their backs. During this time the Munich band around singer and guitarist Stefan Koglek played their way into the top ranks of the international stoner rock scene with a series of great albums. A position that she consolidates with her latest recording "To The Highest Gods We Know". Between bringing the new generation to bed, the trouble with the local cultural department (which forces the band to leave the building with the newly furnished studio after a short time) and the work for their own record label (Elektrohasch), Stefan Koglek finds the time to chat about the band and their latest studio work.

EDGAR FROESE - Silence in the Schwäbische Straße

Unlike the German Krautrock bands that took part at the same time, such as Amon Düül II, CAN, Kraftwerk or Faust, Tangerine Dream always had the one central star, the power centre that fired the fate of the internationally celebrated electronic pioneers. Therefore it is clear with the death of Edgar Froese: After 47 years the story of Tangerine Dream has now come to an end.

THE DECEMBERISTS - Victorian snobbery for in between

The Decemberists are no band like any other. Where other rock groups simply record song albums at regular intervals, the US-Americans tell stories. Fables of crackling colour and seductive beauty, which can be traced back without the slightest doubt to their narrators. Her latest, shrill and colourful fairy tale book is entitled "What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World". And as much as the Decemberists are different from other bands, the new CD varies as much from the band's earlier records.