eclipsed No. 170 / 5-2015


five years after the end of Dire Straits, her boss threw himself headlong into a solo career. This has continued to this day. And Mark Knopfler will also do a devil thing to change this ideal state for him after his now released eighth recording. A world tour with the Dire Straits? "Much too stressful!"

30 Years GUNS N' ROSES - Greatness and Madness

Without a doubt, the US-American hard rock formation Guns N' Roses is one of the most dazzling phenomena in the history of rock music. She started in 1985, and soon after that she mixed up the scene like nobody else with her debut album "Appetite For Destruction". But then delusions of grandeur and paranoia took over. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of its foundation, we recall this extraordinary, short-lived phenomenon.


When Van Morrison asks fellow musicians to join him in the studio, it is usually a matter of course for them to follow this call. The great Northern Irish bluesman's coat itched again. He has been searching through his song catalogue and re-recording 16 of his old numbers - together with renowned artists such as Mark Knopfler, Taj Mahal and Steve Winwood. We met Van Morrison on the sidelines of an appearance in Glasgow to talk to him about his recent collaborations.

RITCHIE BLACKMORE - 70 years old - and a little quiet

He co-created the image of the guitar hero. His reefs are known all over the world. His genius is as undisputed as his penchant for despotism. Ritchie Blackmore stands for a whole era. Now the Englishman, whom his wife Candice Night made his father again a few years ago, is seventy years old. We pay tribute to this extraordinary musician with witty pieces from his eventful life.

GROBSCHNITT - Sometimes the universe releases something again

The Hagen band Grobschnitt was one of the craziest bands of Krautrock. Their mixture of anarcho-rock, theatre madness and prog epics with the core piece "Solar Music", created from long improvisations, broke genre boundaries. Now she is back with the 17 CD box "79:10" with remasters of all original albums and many extras to the band history. Guitarist Lupo (in his first interview since 25 years!) and sound visionary Eroc answered our questions exclusively.


The Von Hertzen Brothers have long been veritable superstars in their native Finland. Two of the last five albums by Kie, Mikko and Jonne Von Hertzen reached the top of the charts there, and also their current album "New Day Rising" was in the first week of the show as a matter of course on the top of the charts. When will the three brothers finally succeed in their long earned breakthrough?


Never say never, did the Boomtown Rats say to each other two years ago and unexpectedly looked for the spotlight of the big stage again - after a break of almost three decades. Created during the punk-dominated upheaval of rock music, Rats singer Bob Geldof still stands for the attitude of the beery iconoclasts - and immediately follows suit against progressive rock.

STEVE HILLAGE - Farewell to the big brother and teacher DAEVID ALLEN

STEVE HILLAGE exclusively reminds in eclipsed of his friend and band colleague DAEVID ALLEN, who died in March...

BJÖRK - The self-healer

Whoever enters the Museum of Modern Art in New York these days finds himself in a picture and sound installation in which Björk can be heard and seen from headphones and on canvases, on monitors and in picture frames.

SEASICK STEVE - Rebel in dungarees

73-year-old Californian Steven Gene Wold lives on a farm in Norway, builds guitars from scrap metal, plays dirty blues, records in the kitchen at home and still sells millions of albums. A slap in the face for the music industry - just like his latest work "Sonic Soul Surfer". Because despite success and celebrity friends: The former hobo remains true to his principles.