eclipsed No. 173 / 9-2015

PINK FLOYD - 40 Years Wish You Were Here

Four band members, who become more and more estranged from each other in the course of their sudden world success. A strange visit from the past. Songs about madness, absence and the relentlessness of the music industry. Pink Floyd also felt burned out like the man on the famous record cover when they started working on the successor to "The Dark Side Of The Moon". The story of "Wish You Were Here" is also the story of a group of musicians who made great art out of their desperation by making it an object. eclipsed goes in search of clues in 1974 and 1975.

DAVID GILMOUR - Respectable Age, Respectable Career

Before the interviews for the release of his fourth solo album "Rattle That Lock", his first in nine years, David Gilmour seems extremely thin-skinned: Questions about Pink Floyd are undesirable, respectful salutations are valued, and more than twenty minutes of his valuable time he grants no one. That smells like monster ego and grumpy old rocker. But eclipsed was not deterred by this.

KADAVAR - Neue Heimat Berlin

2015 will go down in the history of Kadavar as the year in which the band placed their first album classic. Anyone who hears the new work "Berlin" for the first time is almost overwhelmed by its force. But even before "Berlin" the band was regarded as the German Stoner hope.

GRATEFUL DEAD - Jammen on high level

The Grateful Dead celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their foundation with powerful theatrical thunder. This is entirely in keeping with their status as icons of counterculture, which has long been revered by representatives of the establishment. Highlights of the celebrations were the five performances in Santa Clara and Chicago - the last of which the musicians will play as Grateful Dead. From all corners of the USA, the deadheads flocked to the shows, transforming profane football stadiums into the setting of an almost unreal happening. eclipsed was right in the middle of it.

30 YEARS LIVE AID - The Great Disillusionment

Thirty years after the most ambitious charity event in music history, it's a sad certainty: Sixteen hours of superstars in a row have provided for a historic concert event, but they haven't even solved the problems in Ethiopia in the first place.

LED ZEPPELIN - The crowning finale

One of the most successful Remasters series in rock history ends with "Presence", "In Through The Out Door" and "Coda" - and the series of quarterly audiences with guitar god Jimmy Page in London. At the end he chats out of the sewing box again and promises to meet again soon in a completely different mission. I hope so.

The eclipsed label portrait: BUREAU B Freigeist und Elektronik

It is noticeable that it is predominantly German artists with whom Bureau B collaborates. Buskies: "With the re-releases we concentrated on Germany. It's not a must. It turned out that way. Contacts are easier because we operate in this environment." The offer may serve a niche, but it has nevertheless expanded. Reihse: "The spectrum has grown. Roedelius, Qluster, Schnitzler, Asmus Tietchens, Pyrolator or the things from the Atatak label. I don't own more records from any other label."

CHRIS SQUIRE - The foundation of Yes

A thoroughbred musician, a workhorse, a casual, likeable guy, a sensitive giant - that's how companions, friends and journalists remember Chris Squire. The co-founder of Yes was not only a formidable bassist, but also a great human being. Squire never let the rock star hang out. He was never dismissive, seldom in a bad mood. When it became known in May that he was suffering from leukaemia, recovery wishes trickled in from all sides and through all channels. But already on June 27 Squire succumbed to the disease at the age of 67.

NEIL YOUNG - Holy Wrath

Young's excitement on the new album is real. It recalls his commitment to movements like No Nukes in the late seventies or Farm Aid a decade later. On "The Monsanto Years" the old rocker rages against everything and everyone, is not afraid to name names. The most prominent are Monsanto and Starbucks. "Monsanto and Starbucks: Mothers want to know what they feed their children" is one of the words in the song "A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop".

Birthday in absentia - On 19 August IAN GILLAN turned 70

"As a child I hated being kissed by my aunts on my birthday. This probably explains my aversion to celebrating my birthday," Ian Gillan ponders, referring to his anniversary on August 19. "I won't celebrate the seventieth either." But his fans are.

Finally alone again - Ex-Stone BILL WYMAN has been releasing another solo album for a long time

23 years Bill Wyman took his time before he released a new album under his own name. In between he has: left the band he co-founded - the Rolling Stones after all; started the Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings project; composed film music; remarried; founded several restaurants; written books... What you do when you're a rock 'n' roll legend. And now the bass player and singer has just recorded a new solo album, "Back To Basics". And this one is once again dedicated to blues rock.