eclipsed No. 177 / 2-2016

R.I.P. DAVID BOWIE - Blackstar is beautiful

When David Bowie released his comeback album "The Next Day" in 2013 after a break of almost ten years, this was a medium sensation. The man who absorbed new trends like no other rock artist and set his own trends sounded like a young man again. Only three years later, the British New Yorker, who had been chosen by the British, produced another album, which was to become his farewell album at the same time. "★" (pronounced: Blackstar) is adorned with a cover that is as minimalistic as it is striking, the first one on which the artist cannot be seen himself. Under the black star there are five cryptic characters - which on closer inspection result in the name BOWIE.

DREAM THEATER - The Dream of the Great Theatre

Overwhelming! Dream Theater have never had the reputation to spill the beans, but what they present with "The Astonishing" is now really a huge opus, a concept album in two acts. It is the attempt of the New York progressive metal princes to create a work that will outlast the band and their musicians. Accordingly the makers John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess as well as singer James LaBrie are motivated to praise their new record.

WITCHCRAFT - Atmospheric Witch's Work

With their fifth album "Nucleus" Witchcraft have succeeded in creating an astonishing litter, which was rewarded by us with the title "Album of the Month" in the last issue. The band from Örebro in central Sweden doesn't (anymore) just rely on the Retro-Doom club, but weaves influences from Led Zeppelin, Captain Beyond and Jethro Tull to Witchfinder General or Pentagram to an intoxicating, atmospheric seventies sound.

FLEETWOOD MAC - A way out of the success

It was a damn hard birth: What was to follow on "Rumours", the highly praised Grammy-decorated album from 1977 sold in astronomical numbers? Fleetwood Mac gave the answer two years later with the double LP "Tusk" - commercially not as successful as its predecessor, it offered a series of experimental approaches, which mainly sprang from Lindsey Buckingham's wealth of musical ideas.

AVANTASIA - Epic and Wild

Once created by Tobias Sammet as an all-star side project of the band Edguy, Fantasia have since served him as an outlet for his "Metal Opera" fantasies. But Avantasia have long since become an independent, permanent fixture. "Ghostlights" is the name of her most recent, all-round convincing work. It comes up with a lot of illustrious guest vocalists as usual.

SYD BARRETT - If you go, don't be slow

On January 6, Syd Barrett would have turned 70. His star rose like a meteor, glowed like a supernova and went out in no time. And yet he quickly shaped psychedelic rock - to this day. A review of the life and work of the Pink-Floyd co-founder.


never expected that his funeral would be broadcast live on the internet - that he would be given flowers on this occasion, probably not.

Lost in Music - STEVEN WILSON comes with a new EP and tour and has the next album in mind just in

time for the start of the next section of "Hand. Cannot. Erase" tour, Steven Wilson opened his casket and released six previously unreleased songs from the last recording sessions. "4½" is the title of the official EP release.