eclipsed No. 181 / 6-2016

THE BEATLES - Turn off your mind... 50 Years "Revolver"

Quite a few fans and critics consider "Revolver" the best of all Beatles records. And rightly so, because this epochal album, which celebrates its fiftieth birthday this summer, is one of the most influential in pop history: it brings together fourteen songs for eternity and is regarded as the starting signal for the most innovative phase in the unique work of Fab Four. We go back and accompany the Beatles in their studio experiments that eventually led to this groundbreaking work.

HAWKWIND - This is your Captain speaking

"The Machine Stops" is the title of the twenty-sixth studio record by Spacerock pioneer Hawkwind. The freshness and power of this concept album, based on E.M. Forster's sci-fi novella of the same name, proves that the Hawkwind machinery does not stop at all, but continues to fly unstoppably. Bandurgestein Dave Brock talked to eclipsed about career and life.

ALAN PARSONS - Full tube with choir

Since 1993 Alan Parsons has toured regularly under the name The Alan Parsons Live Project, and at the "Nokia Night Of The Proms" he has already performed pieces from the famous Project portfolio live with orchestra and choir. However, fans have not yet been able to enjoy this music in its full opulence from the concert hall at home. With the release of "The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project - Live In Colombia" this changes. And Parsons also has a new studio album in store.

PENDRAGON - liberating from the sulking angle

Twenty years of "The Masquerade Overture" - on the occasion of the anniversary, the British Neoprog institution Pendragon brought their best-selling and perhaps most popular full-length album to the stage. But what is the secret of his success? eclipsed goes on a search for clues.

KATATONIA - Comfort comes before a fall

The Katatonia machinery has been running at full speed for fifteen years. Hardly any other metal band has managed to stay at such a high musical level over such a long period of time. One of the secrets of the Stockholm group is that it continues to work on itself and prohibits stays in the comfort zone. Therefore their eleventh album "The Fall Of Hearts" is also a leap into the unknown. Not least because of the new drummer who, according to Anders Nyström, changed Katatonia's sound decisively once again.

SANTANA - Hippies always come back

The Latin rock kings Santana are back in their original line-up with the great album "IV". Santana - one thinks of the band's Woodstock appearance, fired by hallucinogens. The festival film introduced Latin Rock to a worldwide audience. Of course, one thinks of the first three Santana genius strokes, album classics of rock history. IV" is anchored in this tradition. Not only millions of Santana fans are convinced of this, who have hoisted the record into the top ten of the charts, but also Gregg Rolie.

BOB DYLAN - The Anniversary of a Monument

From Minnesota, he moved out into the world at the beginning of the sixties to reshape the music scene to his liking - which he did impressively. He will influence people who are not even born today with his work and his life just as he influenced his contemporaries with it. Bob Dylan celebrates his 75th birthday on May 25th. eclipsed celebrates and summarizes 75 magical moments of an unprecedented career.

BURG HERZBERG FESTIVAL - Only the tender come into the garden

At the end of July it's time again: "The mountain calls!" Then the "Burg Herzberg Festival" in Breitenbach in eastern Hesse opens its doors to thousands of old and young hippies. This time under the motto "Back To The Garden", based on a line of text from Joni Mitchell's anthem "Woodstock". As usual, there's something for almost every music lover: Blues rocker Walter Trout is there, punkivaldi Nigel Kennedy fiddles Jimi Hendrix, the noble German rock chansonnier Element Of Crime are performing for the first time at Herzberg, the Belgian retro rockers DeWolff could be won for the now cult final chord at the "Freakstage".

NIGHT OF THE PROG - A unique live reunion, a big tribute show and a lot of quality at all

Last year the "Night Of The Prog" festival, idyllically situated in the middle of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, celebrated its tenth anniversary. But after the festival is before the festival, and so the organizer had his hands full during the last months to present another impressive line-up. After all, there should be something for every friend of progressive music. Legends like Hawkwind, Focus or Lucifer's Friend are among the highlights, as is the exclusive live reunion of Spock's Beard with their ex-members Neal Morse and Nick D'Virgilio.

Goldseelchen - BLUES PILLS are much more soulful on "Lady In Gold

On Sunday, 16 April, the Donz village near the Swabian Alb is visited by journalists. The idyllic spot in Lautertal is the home of Nuclear Blast. Since its foundation in 1987, the record company has become a global player in the metal business. In the meantime, however, the label makers have also turned to the less metallic rock sector.

Second Life - Members of well-known British bands have joined forces to form MINOR VICTORIES

The concept of the Supergroup is over one hundred years old. In jazz it was still called Allstar Band and made an institution that either big bands battle each other or the winners of the big polls are called Poll Winners Band. In rock Cream united to form the first supergroup, the Beatles mutated into the supergroup of their own members by 1968 at the latest, and countless examples followed, from Emerson, Lake & Palmer to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the Traveling Wilburys to Them Crooked Vultures.

Master and master student - RIVAL SONS Retro-Recken tour with rock legends and are praised by them

On their new album "Hollow Bones", the four Californians once again inspire with impetuous energy, wild blues rock and a hint of 70s nostalgia. As with the predecessor, the comparison with Led Zeppelin is obvious. "We all actually hear a lot of Led Zeppelin and are often compared to them," says bassist Dave Beste, who has been with the Rival Sons since 2013. "Personally, I don't think the new album in particular sounds like this. We weren't influenced by other bands either, only by ourselves."

The silent storyteller - ex-genesis singer RAY WILSON surprises with an introspective folk album

Ray Wilson (47) has been on the road for over twenty years now, playing grunge, rock, prog and folk pop. The Scotsman has often indulged in his love of reduced sounds at his concerts. On "Song For A Friend" he reinvents himself as an introspective storyteller in the folk tradition of the seventies.