eclipsed No. 189 / 4-2017

DEEP PURPLE - Journey to infinity

When Deep Purple released one of their weaker albums under the programmatic title "The Battle Rages On" in 1993 - at that time still with Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord - the whole world thought that the old men had gotten up there. Twenty-four years later this motto applies to the new record "Infinite" like no other since then. And this of all things is now to be her last. We talked to Airey, Glover, Morse and Paice as well as producer Bob Ezrin about the new chapter - the possible epilogue - in the long career of Hardrockgranden.

BRAIN RECORDS - The brain workers of Krautrock

The recently released eight CD box "Cerebral Sounds Of Brain Records 1972-1979" is an impressive showcase and demonstration of the power of the former German label Brain. It was the home of Grobschnitt, Klaus Schulze, Jane, Neu!, Novalis and other German musicians and at the same time one of the breeding grounds of Krautrock. eclipsed reviews the history and fate of Brain.

THE DOORS - Magic Moments

Fifty years after its first release, the Doors' debut album has lost none of its fascination. On the contrary, it is and remains one of the most versatile and innovative epics known to rock music. Now it appears as a new three-CD/LP box, which is not only interesting for hardcore fans. We turn back time with John Densmore and Robby Krieger to August 1966 and January 1967, when this outrageous beacon was created and appeared.

YES - Exclusive excerpt from Will Romano's new book on "Close To The Edge

Will Romano's book "Close To The Edge - How Yes's Masterpiece Defined Prog Rock" sheds light on the genesis of the 1972 prog classic from various perspectives. The author deals with the early history of the band, the studio sessions, the artwork, the live implementation and last but not least the influence on other bands. For the release we present an excerpt from the three hundred page work, which is mainly about the disposition of Jon Anderson - as the origin of the esoteric orientation of the album. This is followed by an interview with the author, who explored his limits in his research and writing work.

MICHAEL CHAPMAN - The Half Century Man

Actually everything should have been clear already with the debut "Rainmaker" from 1969 and the English troubadour Michael Chapman should have been promoted into the league of the most successful folk rockers. But that wasn't the case. The gifted singer and guitarist, who never had to shy away from comparisons with US luminaries like Bob Dylan or Arlo Guthrie, went on, however, and recorded album after album unaffected. Now he's presenting the fiftieth. Or is it the fifty-seventh?

STEVE HACKETT - "To hell with nationalism!"

Steve Hackett's new studio album "The Night Siren" wants to shake you up. According to the message, it should be a wake-up call in times of continuing refugee movements, of nationalism, of Brexit, revived in many countries. So he gathered musicians from all parts of the world around him to record this "peace album". On the tour, which will take him to Germany in March, Hackett will also play songs from his time with Genesis. In focus: "Wind & Wuthering".

Mr. ROCKPALAST - 40 years ago PETER RÜCHEL wrote television history with the "1st Rock Night". On March 8th he turned 80 and loves to watch nothing anymore

The inconspicuous row house under the Bayer Cross resembles a hiding place. And even inside, there is nothing to indicate that someone lives here who has spent his professional life with youth culture and rock music: no framed pictures with friends, no golden records, signed instruments or other devotional objects. Not even Billy shelves with LPs. Instead, Peter Rüchel's study is overloaded with books and magazines. Sorted by a system that only he knows. And he likes to sit in the dark or in the semi-darkness. When eclipsed strikes in the early afternoon with him in Leverkusen, it is still light. When we say goodbye two and a half hours later in pitch-black darkness.