Castle Herzberg Festival - Special

Discounted Herzberg tickets now available exclusively for ECLIPSED subscribers!

As a thank you for the loyalty of our subscribers, we have arranged a special campaign with the organisers of the Burg-Herzberg Festival. As a result, every eclipsed subscriber can now order up to four tickets for the Herzberg Festival 2019 at a reduced price

The tickets for subscribers are 10 EUR cheaper and cost only 133,00 € instead of 143,00 € (including shipping and all fees)

And this is how it works: Please mail
your billing/shipping address with the number of tickets you want under the keyword "Herzberg-Tickets"

You can order as many Herzberg tickets as you need, but a maximum of four tickets per eclipsed subscriber will be charged at the discounted price.

This offer is only valid for subscribers of the magazine eclipsed and can only be ordered via the eclipsed subscription service. We
will accept your order, check it and forward it to Herzberg GmbH, who will then take care of the invoice (payment in advance!) and the shipping of the tickets.

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