The current issue / eclipsed No. 209 / 04-2019

KING CRIMSON - Half A Century Schizoid Man

50 years of King Crimson! An anniversary that demands respect: because the unique project around mastermind Robert Fripp has reinvented itself again and again since its foundation - without regard to musical trends or the sensitivities of individual members. And also the expectations of their fans have been undermined more than once. Together with current band members and a former actor we will try to grasp the phenomenon King Crimson in the following.

FOREIGNER - Double Vision

Mick Jones is still having a hard time recording new material with Foreigner. He mourns the gold and platinum years after the release of a Foreigner album, when he became considerably richer. Lou Gramm is more realistic and would record something with Jones just for fun - whether under the name Foreigner or not. But instead there are appearances with the original line-up, a live recording from 1978 and a European tour with orchestra and the current line-up without Gramm & Co.

FRANCIS ROSSI - On our own behalf

A new book and a new album. Francis Rossi has been really busy lately. There is also a tour in the house. But the whole thing has to do only marginally with Status Quo, the band with which he became famous and which has determined his life for over fifty years. Nevertheless, it's worth talking about all this with the 69-year-old. At the same time we garnish the whole thing with an excerpt from Rossi's recently published autobiography.

Out of the blue, into the black - On the death of "Rockpalast" inventor PETER RÜCHEL

Peter Rüchel, born 1937, has often quoted from the Neil Young song "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)" and its acoustic counterpart "My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)" in broadcasts, interviews or privately. It was a heart for him. The Berlin-born journalist and rock fan had so many of them.

RPWL - "We're the aliens!"

The Freising-based art rockers had recently put great emphasis on concept works, with the multimedia rock opera "A New Dawn" as the highlight. Now RPWL are back, a little more down-to-earth. But they are not down to earth yet, because their "Tales From Outer Space" refer to classic science fiction. And like any good sci-fi, these stories also offer an exciting twist: Visitors from outer space turn away with horror at our actions.

THE MUTE GODS - Silent Mail

The Mute Gods have already released their third album. Nick Beggs, Roger King and Marco Minnemann are also involved in other time-consuming projects that leave them little time to breathe. The bass and embroidery virtuoso Beggs leads the trio and determines its musical and content orientation. The third album "Atheists And Believers" shows that the former pop star is driven by a political conscience and is anything but mute.

Eyeballs in the mist: 50 years of THE RESIDENTS

Who are The Residents? Thousands of legends entwine around the permanent avant-gardists from San Francisco, but their identity remains hidden under huge eyeballs. With the new CD "Intruders" in their luggage they went on the "In Between Dreams" tour.

T - Narro ergo sum

The music of Thomas Thielen is characterized by high musical and lyrical complexity, which challenges the listener, sometimes even threatens to kill him. With "Solipsystemology" the multi-instrumentalist now presents the last part of an elaborately designed album trilogy. In this, the philologist asks the question about life in the narrated life: I tell, so I am?


Once upon a time, long before the infamous Loudness War, there was a time when you could shake music listeners with volume. A magician of these eruptions in Schwarz was the Berlin guitarist Caspar Brötzmann. The five albums of his band Massaker, which was celebrated by critics as an industrial version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, are now coming out again.

DON FELDER - Everything except Eagles

At 71, the former lead guitarist of the Eagles is a workaholic with a pronounced need for love and the same ego. So the lyrics of the eleven songs of his third solo album "American Rock 'n' Roll bevorzugt über Frauen und deren Vorzüge. Whatever he likes to talk about. But the old rocker doesn't want to say anything to his ex-colleagues. He doesn't have to.

BETH GIBBONS sings HENRYK GÓRECKIS SINFONIE No. 3 - New setting of the lamentations to music

In 2016 Colin Stetson ventured to reinterpret Henry Górecki's Symphony No. 3, which was unusual because the US saxophonist was known to a wider public only through his collaboration with pop acts such as Arcade Fire. Two years earlier, Portishead's Beth Gibbons had already taken over the difficult vocal part in that famous "Symphony of Lamentations". The live recording of her performance at the Teatr Wielki Opera House in Warsaw is now being released for the first time.

A new box set illuminates the early solo work of Krautrocker MICHAEL ROTHER

Guitarist and keyboarder Michael Rother has written music history with bands like Neu! and Harmonia. But it was only with his solo albums that success on a broad scale began in 1976. In the five-CD-box "Solo" Grönland Records summarizes the first four albums of Rother and adds two soundtracks to them; the vinyl version contains an additional LP with remixes and live recordings. In an interview with eclipsed, Rother reviews the work on the box.

THE CLAYPOOL LENNON DELIRIUM give again a high dose of music history

Sean Lennon and Les Claypool searched and found each other. One has a family tree, the other a story. But this bon mot is not quite fair: Sean Lennon is not only the son of Yoko Ono and John Lennon. With the song "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" the famous parents already set a monument to their son on the album "Double Fantasy" in 1980, when Sean was just five years old. But already in 1998 he released his first own album "Into The Sun"...

The Floyd tribute band ECHOES shines on new live recording with top-class guests

The sense and nonsense of tribute bands has already been discussed several times in this magazine. And then Echoes released "Barefoot To The Moon" with acoustic versions of Pink Floyd classics that took any discussion to absurdity. His originality and joy of playing, his charm and wit make this live recording a masterpiece. Now the most successful German Floyd tribute presents its second DVD/Blu-ray/2CD: "Live From The Dark Side", recorded last year at the "Rock Of Ages" festival.

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