The current issue / eclipsed No.199 / 04-2018

DEEP PURPLE - Made in England

"Deep Purple is the best thing that's happened to me in my life," says Ian Gillan, "and not a few music lovers around the world can join this statement for themselves. Deep Purple was created fifty years ago. For eclipsed, this special anniversary is one of the most important groups in the development of hard rock and in this and the next five issues the phenomenon Deep Purple will be highlighted from different angles. Half a century of lively rock history has written the formation once led by Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore. Beside great music the English produced, at least as long as Blackmore was part of the band, headlines concerning internal disputes. Where there's planing, chips fall.

DUKES OF THE ORIENT - Melodies from the Orient

Asia Featuring John Payne are now Dukes Of The Orient. Erik Norlander, the protagonist of the new old band along with Payne, has been working with the bass player for a long time on a first album under a new banner. Musically, much has remained the same: AOR on the threshold to Melodic Prog, and everything at the highest level. And since they no longer use the expectant name Asia, listeners can get involved in this journey with the Orientexpress without being burdened.

CHRIS FARLOWE - Falling out of time

Chris Farlowe is seventy years old and is still working the clubs. On stage the Londoner is a volcano - whether with the Hamburg Blues Band or with his own troupe. Almost exactly sixty years ago he began his career with the John Henry Skiffle Group. He performed his heroic deeds in the sixties ("Out Of Time") and in the seventies with Colosseum. Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page count him among their favorite singers. So it's a worthwhile undertaking to look back on eventful rock, blues and jazz rock decades with Farlowe before an HBB gig.

DONOVAN - When the grandfather with the grandson

Even at the age of seventy-one, Donovan Leitch is still extremely active. The Scottish singer-songwriter tours regularly, transforming his concerts into spiritual happenings. He not only plays his timeless classics. He tells numerous anecdotes about the sixties and gives the audience tips for spiritual self-discovery. He is currently on tour with his bootleg Joolz Jones.

TONY BANKS - The Last Romantic

As a member of Genesis, Tony Banks wrote music history. Thanks to his talent for composition and the innovative use of various keyboard instruments, he left his mark on the group. Since Genesis were only active once after 1998, the Briton increasingly focused on composing orchestral works. In February, he released his third album with classical music, mainly borrowed from the late Romantic period. According to the number of pieces it contains, it bears the simple title "5".

MARILLION - The unintended masterpiece

After "Misplaced Childhood", Marillion's 1994 opus "Brave" is now also being re-released: as a luxurious boxed set filled to the brim with Steven Wilson remixes, a concert recording and a new documentary. eclipsed spoke exclusively with Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly and Ian Mosley about the creation of a dark masterpiece that has lost none of its fascination even after twenty-four years.

A PERFECT CIRCLE - Trunk from the bowl

Fourteen years between two albums - these are dimensions that a band first has to be able to afford. They require a healthy self-confidence, but also devoted fans who have the patience of an angel. As with the duo Billy Howerdel and Maynard James Keenan, who form the creative nucleus of A Perfect Circle, where the time factor doesn't seem to matter: songs are only released when they are really perfect. When the artistic vision has been exhausted to the last and the press has once again been properly presented. An exhausting prelude for a big album called "Eat The Elephant". That's just part of A Perfect Circle..

The British band GALAHAD doesn't want to fulfill their expectations even after several line-up changes

Stuart Nicholson has deleted the word consistency from his vocabulary. Because his band Galahad lives with constant changes since their foundation in 1985. Not only their line-up has changed - partly inevitably, partly intentionally - again and again. Also their style was and is as changeable as with hardly any other formation in the Prog. With their new studio album "Seas Of Change" the English from Dorset continue this tradition.

YO LA TENGO pick up where they left off

Hoboken is an unsightly small town in New Jersey that twilights on the Hudson River opposite Manhattan. She didn't give much to the world. Well, yes: Frank Sinatra was born here one hundred and three years ago, and two stylistically influential bands in recent American rock history come from here. One, Sonic Youth, is already history itself, the other, Yo La Tengo, is just reinventing itself on "There's A Riot Going On".

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