The Afghan Whigs - The Hindu Kush rocks

24. April 2014

The Afghan Whigs Reunion

The Afghan Whigs - The Hindu Kush rocks

Reunions seem to be the order of the day in the current rock business. The times in which bands like the Beatles or Led Zeppelin separated once and for all are over. Anyone who breaks up today will come together again, it's only a matter of time. It is not uncommon for separation to take place only in order to unite again one day - not too far away - in a way that is effective for the public.

We can confidently forget many of these reunions, because they have virtually no meaning. It's different with the Afghan Whigs. From the late eighties until shortly before the turn of the millennium, Greg Dullis' troupe made an amazing transformation from garage punk to white soul. When all was said and done, she split up. A decade and a half later, she now comes together again to lay down one of the most important records of her career

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