AMPLIFIER - Slightly mysterious

25. September 2014


AMPLIFIER - Slightly mysterious

Lightness can mean really hard work. So Amplifier had to rehearse intensively for four months before they went into the studio with the material for their "summer album", as Sel Balamir likes to call his youngest baby. The founder and creative head of the band explains in an interview with eclipsed why the basic idea was to make a relatively straightforward noise and to convey a "Back to the roots" feeling.

eclipsed: It is said that "The Octopus" and "Mystoria" - two completely different albums - were made at the same time. How did this happen?

Sel Balamir: Well, that was because at the time we were working on "The Octopus", we used to play in our rehearsal room just for fun. The material that was created while jamming was very different from the pieces on "The Octopus". They were rather heavy, partly gloomy. But what came out of jamming was easy, almost cheerful. Actually only "Magic Carpet" is left from this time. That was the blueprint, so to speak, for the other songs that landed on "Mystoria".

eclipsed: So not all of the tracks were created in 2012?

Sel Balamir: Some were written at about the same time as "The Octopus", a large part after "Echo Street". In the end, the more direct, more powerful songs made it onto the album, and the space jam tracks from "Octopus" times were less relevant. It was more important to transport the feeling from this time, and that was consistently positive, almost euphoric. During the work on "Mystoria" I also had the idea that the album should fit old-fashioned on a vinyl record. With ten songs that must not exceed 45 minutes of playing time, this of course also means: no endless jamming, but restriction to the essentials.

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