ANATHEMA - A fine day to re-entry

25. May 2017


ANATHEMA - A fine day to re-entry

It's warm in the lobby of the Berlin hotel "nhow". The sun shines through the panorama windows, which provide a clear view of the Spree. Anathema's singer and rhythm guitarist Vincent Cavanagh strolls relaxed through the lobby of the "nhow", which sees itself as "Europe's first music hotel", playing some melancholic notes on the piano. The 43-year-old visibly enjoys the atmosphere, the cappuccino, the sun and also the questions about the new Anathema album "The Optimist" as well as other important things of life.

eclipsed: You were born in Liverpool, and I suspect that every young man..

Vincent Cavanagh: Thanks for the compliment.

eclipsed: I'd love to. I guess every young man from Liverpool is a fan of the Beatles and FC Liverpool.

Cavanagh: Exactly, that's me. There are also fans of [city rival] FC Everton, but they don't like the Beatles. (laughs) When I was a kid, I thought we had the best band and the best football team in the world in Liverpool. I could have been wrong about football.
Please layout separately at this point: "Jürgen Klopp is not the great tactician, but he is an excellent motivator."

eclipsed: What do you think of Jürgen Klopp, the German coach of the Reds?

Cavanagh: He's very clever. He's not the great tactician, but he's a great motivator. He does everything for his players, and his players pay it back with stakes. What I like about him is that he sees himself as a normal person, that he knows what is really important in life and what a privilege it is to be able to work as a player or coach in professional football.

eclipsed: Do you feel privileged to be a professional musician?

Cavanagh: Absolutely. As a professional musician, you have responsibilities too. If you're your own boss, you have to take care of everything. I need you to keep the ship on course. If you're sloppy, you can't go on. But you must also be extremely disciplined in all areas of life. If you let yourself go, you won't do the job. It's like soccer. You must appreciate being a musician. You are involved in the artwork, in the presentation to the outside, you give interviews, you have to be ready to go anywhere, to drive or to fly at any time.

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