eclipsed No. 191 / 6-2017

18. July 2018

ANATHEMA - A fine day to re-entry

25. May 2017

ANATHEMA - A fine day to re-entry

It's warm in the lobby of the Berlin hotel "nhow". The sun shines through the panorama windows, which provide a clear view of the Spree. Anathema's singer and rhythm guitarist Vincent Cavanagh strolls relaxed through the lobby of the "nhow", which sees itself as "Europe's first music hotel", playing some melancholic notes on the piano. The 43-year-old visibly enjoys the atmosphere, the cappuccino, the sun and also the questions about the new Anathema album "The Optimist" as well as other important things of life.

eclipsed: You were born in Liverpool, and I suspect that every young man..

Vincent Cavanagh: Thanks for the compliment.

eclipsed: I'd love to. I guess every young man from Liverpool is a fan of the Beatles and FC Liverpool.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 93

25. May 2017

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Something Mysterious (4:07)
Album: Amber Galactic (2017)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

In the late seventies/early eighties, The Night Flight Orchestra would have filled arenas and stadiums with their songs. Today "Amber Galactic" is a passionate bow to Journey, Foreigner and (as in the case of "Something Mysterious") Survivor. The piano even brings a little Billy Joel into play.

eclipsed No. 161 / 6-2014

09. September 2014

The Alice Cooper Interview

eclipsed author Michael Lorant has interviewed Alice Cooper nine times over the last three decades. These included telephone calls, but also conversations in which people sat opposite each other. In addition, there are several so-called Meet and Greet meetings on the fringes of concerts. The last time he met the veteran shock rocker was in Essen in April during the "Rock meets Classic" concert series.

The discovery of slowness

ANATHEMA - Searching for light and pure beauty

29. May 2014

ANATHEMA - Searching for light and pure beauty

The first impression is deceptive: At first, an anathema's current release "Distant Satellites" seems like a continuation of the celebrated, commercially successful predecessor "Weather Systems". After all, the band also recorded the record with Norwegian producer Christer-André Cederberg in his Oslo studio, Steven Wilson mixed two songs again, and Dave Stewart is again responsible for the wonderful orchestral arrangements. Everything's the same, so it seems. And yet, the more often you hear "Distant Satellites", the more new musical territory opens up. Experimental synthetic sounds form the basis of Anathema's songs like never before, driving beats determine the atmosphere. Singer/guitarist/keyboarder Vincent Cavanagh is pleased that the public is also aware of this.

eclipsed No. 140 / 5-2012

12. April 2014

Drive into daylight

The stage suit wearer Joe Bonamassa completed his most recent tour of Germany at the beginning of March - the most successful so far for him. And it seems that this would only be a stopover on the JB's autonomous way to the top. Without the big hype, without hits in the luggage - but with a lot of work and an ubiquitous master plan.

Falling out of time

eclipsed No. 122 / 7/8-2010

11. April 2014

eclipsed at ROCKPALAST
"You never yelled at us!"

The Rockpalast is alive! Even 34 years after the first official programme, the most respected live music programme on German television offers a platform for famous bands and up-and-coming acts alike. The second series of Rockpalast DVDs is currently being released. We took this opportunity to compile our own DVD with "Palast" treasures and to recall the concerts of the artists presented there.

Dream of the "Omma"