ARCHIVE - The essence of the essential

20. January 2015


ARCHIVE - The essence of the essential

Archive's new album works like a song that has phases of relaxation, but mostly consists of rhythmic barrage fire. "Restriction" grabs the listener at the first bar of the Schlafittchen, so that he won't let go until the last note. "Restriction" is not a concept album, but rather describes a continuous stream of consciousness with few quiet spots and many rapids. The two chief archivists Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths are amazed themselves.

eclipsed: Every new archive release sounds different than anything you've done before. You reinvent yourself with every record. The motto of "restriction" seems to be "less is more".

Darius Keeler: That's the point. The work on "Axiom" was a very intense experience. We finished the record and the film in an incredibly short time. That was very conceptual and introverted. After that we just had to let go and record our live energy and the timbre of the singers. We wanted to focus on the first takes. For most of the songs on this record we actually needed one or two takes. Everything was very spontaneous. We put a lot into the songs, but we got just as much out of them. That was very different than in the past.

eclipsed: You have great ballads on the album, but all in all "Restriction" lives from the gripping rhythms. That's what you carry inside you when the CD fades away.

Keeler: We experimented with the Moog as a drum machine. That's how we got those heavy drum sounds. We also have Smiley, who is an exceptional drummer. The mix of smiley and moog drums makes this mechanical groove that reminds you of Fela Kuti and just tears you away.

Danny Griffiths: This percussive sound is certainly not our brand core, but that's what we had to let out at that point.

eclipsed: In songs like "Feel It" or "Crushed" the whole band sounds like a drum.

Keeler: Our concerts are always very rhythmic. When we have been on tour for a long time, we accumulate these rhythms and keep them in our system for a long time. If we go to the studio after such a period, all we have to do is let it out. Restriction" was about manifesting this common band groove, this spontaneous energy.

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