The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 82

MY SLEEPING KARMA - Akasha (edit) (4:48)
Album: Moksha (2015)
Label/Distribution: Napalm/Universal

MY SLEEPING KARMA's new album is not as easily accessible as its four predecessors. The listener first has to work for his inner beauty. He then finds the typical power of the band, caused by hypnotic guitarlicks. A new addition is the increased use of keyboards. Album of the month!

ANEKDOTEN - Writing On The Wall (edit) (6:33)
Album: Until All The Ghosts Are Gone (2015)
Label/Distribution: Virta/Just For Kicks

Each track is a small masterpiece in itself, changing from simple vocal to acoustic guitar parts to huge mellotron and organ orchestrations, arrangements that don't need to shy away from comparison with Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, King Crimson and Opeth - the Swedes have a great success with album no. 6.

WOLVESPIRIT - Moonlight (3:55)
Album: Free (2015)
Label/Distribution: Spirit Stone/Cargo

Produced by German-born cult hard rock producer Michael Wagener, the German retro rockers around the great singer Debby deliver their previous highlight. The Hammond organ is wooing the Leslie speakers, the guitars offer groovy riffs and the rhythm section is driving the excellent songs forward.

BILL FAY - Underneath The Sun (5:35)
Album: Who Is The Sender? (2015)
Label/Distribution: Dead Oceans/Cargo

After his sensational comeback two years ago, Bill Fay presents a follow-up work that is at least as convincing, profound, emotional and fantastically arranged. Once again the old man gives an insight into his soul life with a partly broken but nevertheless powerful voice. (Review: eclipsed 5/2015)

BIRDPEN - Lifeline (4:45)
Album: In Company Of Imaginary Friends (2015)
Label/Distribution: Jar/Rough Trade

BIRDPEN's relationship to Archive can't be ignored, as the two BirdPen musicians Dave Pen (vocalist, guitarist) and Mike Bird (guitarist) are on Archive. On their third album, BirdPen enter into a mixture of TripRock and New Artrock that focuses on inner harmony, floating states and elegance. (Review: eclipsed 5/2015)

LEPROUS - The Price (5:13)
Album: The Congregration (2015)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Universal

"No fear of breaking through conventions and boundaries. No regard for expectations." That Leprous singer Einar Solberg said in the eclipsed interview. And that's exactly how the Norwegians act on their new album. Complex rhythms, great arrangements and outstanding melodies. Never predictable, always exciting.

MY MORNING JACKET - Big Decisions (3:39)
Album: The Waterfall (2015)
Label/Distribution: Ato/PIAS Cooperative/Rough Trade

Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Pop are skillfully mixed together here, which nevertheless result in a homogeneous mixture. MY MORNING JACKET lead you through their own world of sad and happy moments. Every song gives you the feeling of hope, unfathomable and intangible, but you feel it. (Review: eclipsed 5/2015)

IZZ - The Three Seers (4:39)
Album: Everlasting Instant (2015)
Label/Distribution: Doone/Just For Kicks

"Everlasting Instant" is the latest string of the New York septet IZZ, whose masterpiece "I Move" was Neal Morse's favourite album for a while. Meanwhile IZZ sound less playful than they used to, but still show all their skills on "The Three Seers" - including a sophisticated piano solo and bombast ending.

KAIPA - Musiken Är Ljuset (Music Is The Light) (7:03)
Album: Kaipa (1975/2015)
Label/Distribution: Tempus Fugit/SPV

KAIPA Sweden Proggers started their career when their British role models were at the creative peak of their careers. Back home, they were celebrated for it. Their debut work, which was reminiscent of Genesis and Yes, but also shone with Nordic folk elements, made a big impact there.

DUNST - Archimedes Waffen (7:28)
Album: Archimedes Waffen (2015)
Label/Distribution: World In Sound/Rough Trade

You first have to come to an album title like "Archimedes Waffen". With their second release DUNST present a remarkable psychedelic album, which convinces with its guitar work and the often mixed bass in the foreground. It's a pity that the German band broke up after the recording.