The live power of MY SLEEPING KARMA is now also available at home

04. April 2017

The live power of MY SLEEPING KARMA is now also available at home

Twelve years have passed since the musicians of My Sleeping Karma got together. On five studio albums, the Aschaffenburg quartet has created a powerful new art rock, which has an unmistakable character due to discreetly interwoven Indian elements. Now his first live album "Mela Ananda" is available. My Sleeping Karma's down-to-earth bassist Matte proves in conversation that the band is still firmly rooted in the here and now, i.e. in family and career, and that they enjoy their own music very much.

eclipsed: The term Mela Ananda means in Sanskrit as much as happy gathering. Are your concerts happy gatherings?

Matte: Yes, we think so. We get together with friends, play our music for the people, are close to the people. Also after the concert we love the contact to the fans. The album title is therefore chosen this way.

eclipsed: Is the album also a "Best of" by My Sleeping Karma?

MY SLEEPING KARMA "Mela Ananda - live"

20. March 2017

A concert of My Sleeping Karma is a special event. It radiates a physically perceptible energy, the hypnotic power of the tracks is immense. It's been that way for ten years and five studio albums. Ten years of My Sleeping Karma - that's what the people of Aschaffenburg are celebrating with their first live recording, which was recorded in February 2016 during the "Up In Smoke" tour.

eclipsed No. 171 / 6-2015

09. December 2015

MARILLION - 30 years "Misplaced Childhood"


11. June 2015

Five albums since the band was founded ten years ago - that's something to be proud of, even though My Sleeping Karma took an unusually long time for the new album "Moksha". Three years have passed since the last release of "Soma".

Through Ganesha to Moksha - MY SLEEPING KARMA have reached the last stage of a passage

27. May 2015

Through Ganesha to Moksha - MY SLEEPING KARMA have reached the last stage of a passage

Desertfest 2015 is in full swing. In April Berlin regularly becomes the epicentre of the international heavy psychedelic and stoner rock scene. Festival director Matthias "Matte" Vandeven doesn't mind giving an interview eclipsed despite the stress that keeps him busy during the three days. However, not in his function as organizer, but as bassist of My Sleeping Karma.

The band from Aschaffenburg has been an integral part of the local New-Artrock-/Stoner-Rock scene since their formation in 2005 and has made a distinctive feature their own: the powerful Walls of Sound, to which they give an exotic touch with Indian sounds.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 82

27. May 2015

MY SLEEPING KARMA - Akasha (edit) (4:48)
Album: Moksha (2015)
Label/Distribution: Napalm/Universal

MY SLEEPING KARMA's new album is not as easily accessible as its four predecessors. The listener first has to work for his inner beauty. He then finds the typical power of the band, caused by hypnotic guitarlicks. A new addition is the increased use of keyboards. Album of the month!