BLACK STAR RIDERS - Instinct-controlled

19. February 2015

Black Star Riders

BLACK STAR RIDERS - Instinct-controlled

With "The Killer Instinct", the Thin Lizzy successor organization Black Star Riders impressively proves that it is not a flash in the pan. Their second recording is a classic rock album as it is written in the book. eclipsed met the main songwriters Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick at the "Planet Hollywood" in the Duisburg city centre.

A good two years ago, Scott Gorham and singer Ricky Warwick were waiting for us in a Munich hotel. They told us about their new band Black Star Riders who had started to continue the Lizzy legacy with new music. But not as Thin Lizzy, because new music under this name would be a No-Go without the late Phil Lynott. Warwick now sits opposite us again, but instead of Gorham his guitar partner Damon Johnson takes over the main part of the conversation.

eclipsed: Where's Scott?

Damon Johnson: He's at home in London. Ricky Warwick: Since Damon and I are responsible for the main part of the songs in "The Killer Instinct", it makes sense that we answer questions.

eclipsed: Has he loosened the reins a little now?

Johnson: (laughs) He keeps us on a long leash. We are allowed to write the riffs and the lyrics, and then he listens to everything and reserves the right of veto if he doesn't like it.

Warwick: Giving the classic band boss was Scott's role only after John Sykes left the reformed Lizzy. He never loved being the contact person for everything and everyone.

eclipsed: So there is less Lizzy in the Black Star Riders now than on the first album?

Johnson: When Scott plays along or is even in the same room, the story of Thin Lizzy is tangible and audible. That's good because I left Alice Cooper to tour with Thin Lizzy and her great songs. I love this music and don't want to move far away from it. That doesn't mean we don't want to develop any further.

Warwick: I love Phil Lynott, he was and is my role model.

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