BLACK STAR RIDERS - "Replacement band" with a life of its own

04. October 2019

BLACK STAR RIDERS - „Ersatzband“ mit Eigenleben

Founded in 2012 as a "label" for the creative output of some of Thin Lizzy's remaining members, the Black Star Riders have long since developed into an independent band. Out of respect for the late singer and composer Phil Lynott, who died in 1986 as a result of his long consumption of alcohol and drugs, no new albums were released under his old name. Singer Ricky Warwick, the only remaining founding member besides guitarist Scott Gorham, sits in the cloakroom corner and considers whether he should drink to Gorham's 70th birthday. Not an easy decision, since spiritual drinks played an all too inglorious role in his former life.

eclipsed No. 188 / 3-2017

18. July 2018

BLACK STAR RIDERS - Under heavy fire

15. February 2017

BLACK STAR RIDERS - Under heavy fire

When the Black Star Riders emerged from Thin Lizzy in December 2012, skepticism was called for: Would the last Lizzy version - minus drummer Brian Downey and keyboarder Darren Wharton, but with original Lizzy Scott Gorham and songwriter team Damon Johnson/Ricky Warwick - exist as an independent band? "All Hell Breaks Loose" (2013) wiped away all concerns in May 2013. Not denying the band's origin, the riders created a hookline-saturated hard rock album. "The Killer Instinct" (2015) finally made it clear that they weren't a flash in the pan. It was the first collaboration with producer Nick Raskulinecz. After Gorham, Johnson and Warwick had devoted themselves to their passion Thin Lizzy again last year with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton, Judas Priests Scott Travis and Darren Wharton, they have now recorded "Heavy Fire" with Raskulinecz and the proven BSR rhythm team Jimmy DeGrasso (dr) and Robbie Crane (b).


16. January 2017

Three albums in a good four years and all on a dizzyingly high level. It was a stroke of luck for the hard rock world that Scott Gorham made the decision to turn the Thin Lizzy tribute band with its original members into a powerful recording group again. Of course it also sounds suspiciously like Lizzy on "Heavy Fire" in almost every song...

eclipsed No. 168 / 3-2015

09. December 2015

LED ZEPPELIN - The last flight of the Zeppelin: the history of "Physical Graffiti" in the

mid-seventies Led Zeppelin had reached its second artistic zenith and documented this in a unique way with "Physical Graffiti", the band's only double album. Until today it is Robert Plant's favourite record with the group, probably also because the formation before and after has never been more expressive and multi-faceted. Released on February 24, 1975, "Physical Graffiti" was the first record in rock history to achieve platinum status through pre-orders alone.

Black Star Riders "The Killer Instinct"

18. March 2015

Even at the opening title track, Black Star Riders, as the saying goes, don't take prisoners. And they don't change that approach at any second on their second album. Pauses for breath such as the quieter, yet driving "Finest Hour" and "Blindsided" are included. The ten new songs, mainly written by guitarist Damon Johnson and vocalist Ricky Warwick, are traditional and classic, but radiate coolness and freshness.

BLACK STAR RIDERS - Instinct-controlled

19. February 2015

BLACK STAR RIDERS - Instinct-controlled

With "The Killer Instinct", the Thin Lizzy successor organization Black Star Riders impressively proves that it is not a flash in the pan. Their second recording is a classic rock album as it is written in the book. eclipsed met the main songwriters Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick at the "Planet Hollywood" in the Duisburg city centre.

A good two years ago, Scott Gorham and singer Ricky Warwick were waiting for us in a Munich hotel. They told us about their new band Black Star Riders who had started to continue the Lizzy legacy with new music. But not as Thin Lizzy, because new music under this name would be a No-Go without the late Phil Lynott. Warwick now sits opposite us again, but instead of Gorham his guitar partner Damon Johnson takes over the main part of the conversation.

eclipsed: Where's Scott?

Music From Time And Space Vol. 55

19. February 2015

LONELY ROBOT - God Vs Man (5:41)
Album: Please Come Home (2015)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Universal

LONELY ROBOT is the new project of John Mitchell (It Bites, Arena). On his debut album "Please Come Home", the Brit has not only taken over the songwriting, but also the production and shows that despite his outstanding instrumental abilities, he pays more attention to creating the right atmosphere.

eclipsed No. 151 / 6-2013

12. April 2014

NOW even more so?!

Eight years Deep Purple have been dragging into the country between "Rapture Of The Deep" and their current release "NOW What?! - the longest span since "Come Taste The Band"/"Perfect Strangers". But the considerable abstinence from the studio didn't let the British hard rock flagship get rusty. On the contrary: The third recording of the Mark VIII line-up is its strongest.

Old in the heart