BLACKFIELD - Fairly best friends

16. January 2017

Blackfield Steven Wilson

BLACKFIELD - Fairly best friends

Not all musicians can put their art into words. This also applies to Aviv Geffen, who receives at the Cologne Hilton, but prefers to play with his mobile phone rather than concentrate on the conversation. He suffers from a discreet self-overestimation and sometimes has less to say than one would expect from a man of his reputation. After all, he is not only a musician, actor and TV celebrity, but also the mouthpiece of the political left in Israel, critic of the radical Orthodox like the Netanyahu government and a good friend with all kinds of rock celebrities. In the end, however, a revealing conversation was relaxed.

eclipsed: The last two Blackfield albums were rather solo albums from you, where Steven supported you only moderately because of other obligations. Now it seems to be a real cooperation again. What's the matter with you?

Aviv Geffen: I think he realized how important this whole thing is to him, and that we should do Fifty-Fifty. Although he worked a lot harder on this album than I did. He took over the mixing, reworked the songs several times and took care of the cover artwork. Nevertheless he emphasizes that Blackfield is a duo and "V" is our strongest album so far. I have to agree with him. We gathered the best of all the predecessors and then added Alan Parsons, which was a great thing.
Please layout separately at this point: "Alan Parsons is not an easy person. He's screaming all the time, we've had a lot of arguments."

eclipsed: Even though there were some tensions?

Open: That's a mild phrase! Alan is not an easy person. He screams all the time, we had a lot of arguments, and sometimes he interrupted the recordings and admonished Steve or me to please play guitar properly. "If you can't do the song, you better leave the studio." That was very presumptuous. Only he worked with the Beatles and Pink Floyd, he knows what he's doing. To have him at Blackfield was a dream, especially as the result sounds wonderful.

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