NO-MAN's album "Love You To Bits" turns 80's synthie pop into new prog

02. December 2019

Auf NO-MANs Album „Love You To Bits“ wird 80er-Synthie-Pop zum neuen Prog

Tim Bowness, singer of the artpop duo No-Man, whose other creative half is known as Steven Wilson, expects that their new album "Love You To Bits" could cause controversy: "One of the most interesting things about it is that I can't at all estimate how the reactions to it will be," admits the Brit and adds: "I hope, however, that it will be perceived as a work that is as accessible as it is ambitious and one of the most courageous and extraordinary No-Man albums. Hopefully people will give him a chance and hear it as a whole. Where it leads and how it ends cannot be determined from the first five minutes."

"I don't think of myself as a progger" - STEVEN WILSON has no desire to commit himself

01. November 2018

„Ich begreife mich nicht als Progger“ - STEVEN WILSON hat keine Lust, sich festzulegen

"Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall" is the title of the latest live recording by Steven Wilson. The allusion to his album "Hand. Cannot. Erase" makes it clear that he is not primarily interested in documenting the tour cycle of the current album "To The Bone". Rather, the active musician shows where he stands artistically in 2018. Also Bollywood dancers play a role here..

eclipsed: During the "To The Bone" tour you were three times at the Royal Albert Hall (RAH). Why did you choose the last show for the DVD?

Steven Wilson: Filming concerts is very expensive, so we only recorded the last one. We also filmed the soundcheck and the rehearsals. This resulted in many of the close-ups, because the actual show took place behind a transparent screen, which complicated close-ups. The finished film is a mixture of recordings from the concert and those we made during the day without an audience.

eclipsed No. 193 / 9-2017

18. July 2018

eclipsed No. 192 / 7/8-2017

18. July 2018

STEVEN WILSON - The Pop Intermezzo

15. September 2017

STEVEN WILSON - The Pop Intermezzo

He's been keeping his private life under lock and key for years. Because Steven Wilson emphasises that his home is a refuge when it comes to tea with soy milk. Nevertheless, he invited eclipsed here. To a place where he could switch off, but also work in peace. What shouldn't be a problem on the estate, forty minutes by car north of Heathrow, should also not be a problem: a renovated farmhouse from the 16th century, with a huge garden, which his Japanese girlfriend takes care of, a pavilion and a winter garden with a panoramic view into the greenery.

STEVEN WILSON - Pop nonstop

28. June 2017

STEVEN WILSON - Pop nonstop

For the exclusive interview with eclipsed, Steven Wilson comes to the offices of his new management in London's Fulham district. Not only the management is new, Wilson is also under contract to a record company - the major label Caroline. More than two years have passed since the release of his last record "Hand. Cannot. Erase." A time when the world kept spinning and Wilson gained new insights. Insights that have also been reflected in "To The Bone". Polite and detailed as ever, he answers. His typical self-irony flashes up again and again, for example when the manager points out that the talk time is up: "No problem, we're already on the last question. But maybe I still need 20 minutes to answer them."

eclipsed: Two songs of the new album deal with the topic of terrorism. Two days ago in Manchester was the attack at the concert of Ariana Grande. What are you thinking?

BLACKFIELD - Fairly best friends

16. January 2017

BLACKFIELD - Fairly best friends

Not all musicians can put their art into words. This also applies to Aviv Geffen, who receives at the Cologne Hilton, but prefers to play with his mobile phone rather than concentrate on the conversation. He suffers from a discreet self-overestimation and sometimes has less to say than one would expect from a man of his reputation. After all, he is not only a musician, actor and TV celebrity, but also the mouthpiece of the political left in Israel, critic of the radical Orthodox like the Netanyahu government and a good friend with all kinds of rock celebrities. In the end, however, a revealing conversation was relaxed.

eclipsed: The last two Blackfield albums were rather solo albums from you, where Steven supported you only moderately because of other obligations. Now it seems to be a real cooperation again. What's the matter with you?

eclipsed No. 177 / 2-2016

31. December 2016

R.I.P. DAVID BOWIE - Blackstar is beautiful

Lost in Music - STEVEN WILSON comes with new EP and tour and already has the next album in mind

20. January 2016

Lost in Music - STEVEN WILSON comes with new EP and tour and already has the next album in mind

Just in time for the start of the next section of the "Hand. Cannot. Erase" tour, Steven Wilson opened his casket and released six previously unreleased songs from the last recording sessions. "4½" is the title of the official EP release.

eclipsed: With its 37 minutes of play "4½" would have been a regular album 40 years ago. What do you think it is?

Steven Wilson: What I lack to call a real album is the conceptual context that I like to give to my albums. This one certainly doesn't. So it's not a regular album for me. The title "4½" says it all. It is not the successor of "Hand. Cannot. Erase." It's a transitional release.

eclipsed: Four of the six new songs were written by the "Hand. Cannot. Erase." sessions. When were these created?

eclipsed No. 167 / 2-2015

09. December 2015

STEVEN WILSON - Frei, that means alone

two years ago Steven Wilson climbed the Prog-Olymp with his solo work "The Raven That Refused To Sing". The active Englishman has received exuberant criticism across the scene. Now he lays with "Hand. Cannot. Erase." A work as ambitious and complex as its predecessor. However, the bar is high. If and how Steven Wilson wants to overcome them and which direction he takes, he tells in a big interview.

GOV'T MULE - Pink Floyd and all the others