BOB DYLAN - The Anniversary of a Monument

23. May 2016

Bob Dylan

BOB DYLAN - The Anniversary of a Monument

From Minnesota, he moved out into the world at the beginning of the sixties to reshape the music scene to his liking - which he did impressively. He will influence people who are not even born today with his work and his life just as he influenced his contemporaries with it. Bob Dylan celebrates his 75th birthday on May 25th. eclipsed celebrates and summarizes 75 magical moments of an unprecedented career.

In the over 55 years of his career, Bob Dylan has shaped popular music like no other. Originally coming from the traditional folk movement, which was strongly politicized in the sixties, Dylan began early on to sound out boundaries, not infrequently to cross them and to change not only his own art, but rock music as a whole time and again. He shocked the folk disciples by turning abruptly and consistently to rock music.

He was also the one who wrote lyrics that suddenly wanted to be more than just a trivial accompaniment to the music or pure carriers of dogmatic messages; Dylan's lyrics wanted to be literature. In 1965 he broke the standard single format with the six-minute "Like A Rolling Stone" and one year later released "Blonde On Blonde", the first double album in rock history.

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