Cosmic Symphonies - FLYING COLOURS release their second album

25. September 2014

Flying Colours

Cosmic Symphonies - FLYING COLOURS release their second album

Steve Morse, guitarist at Deep Purple since 1994, has been a musically highly motivated lover with the name Flying Colors for about three years.

"It's an extraordinary stroke of luck that we met in this formation and can now pass the balls to each other like this. There's no no go in this band, anything's possible." The fact that this musician from Florida, who has often been honored as the best "overall guitarist", particularly likes this is noticeable in the fact that there is hardly an interview with him - no matter whether the occasion is Deep Purple or his Steve Morse band - in which the language does not come from the Flying Colors. The most prominent member of the dream team is former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, about whom Morse says: "The guy loves to organize, and that's also necessary for our other activities, because I'm glad that we can do a few concerts with the band at all in autumn"

And in fact there are only three gigs in the USA and seven in Europe, which the troupe manages in October. Ex-Spock's Beard mastermind, keyboarder and singer Neal Morse, is another reason for tight schedules, as he takes his solo career very seriously. "I've never known a musician who could grasp things so quickly. Working with him is a satisfying but highly intense affair." Steve, who is neither related nor related-in-law to Neal, describes the Alpha Rev front man Casey McPherson as a "bridge to the young generation". "He's the one who still hits the high notes and writes great lyrics." Bassist Dave LaRue, who has been musically associated with Steve since 1988 (keyword Dixie Dregs), completes the well-harmonized All-Star ensemble.

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