CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have freed themselves from their existential crisis

16. January 2017

Crippled Black Phoenix

 CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have freed themselves from their existential crisis

Crippled Black Phoenix deal with the current socio-political situation. Their thoughts also revolve around internal topics. Behind the band from Bristol are legal disputes with their former members Karl Demata and Christian Heilmann. She survived the ordeal. Crippled head Justin Greaves has meanwhile passed through a personal misery: he has fought his depressions and put them in their place. The 45-year-old said that he had emerged stronger from it. In any case he turns against negative elements like populists and other dividers with the new record "Bronze".

eclipsed: Justin, during the "New Dark Age Tour" 2015 you prophesied a dark phase of untruths and oppression. Do you feel confirmed in the face of Brexit and Trump election?

Justin Greaves: I feel more isolated and marginalized than ever. I believe in independent liberal thinking and not in state sovereignty or anarchy. Meanwhile, you are forced to take one side or the other. There's a huge split: separatists, extremists. A few decades ago, Europe would never have thought this possible again. This is also not a good environment for art and creativity. But when one travels around and still meets many people who think differently, that gives hope again.

eclipsed: Is there a parent topic on "Bronze"?

Greaves: There was no concept for the new record. It wasn't overly thought through because it was a hectic time with all the crap the band had to go through. Basically it's just a bundle of songs, a document of where the band is at the moment. If you like, the message is, "Hey, we're still here!"

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