25. May 2017

The Electric Family


Actually, "Terra Circus" came into being by chance. In 2014 Tom should play "The Perc" Redecker with his project Sun Temple Circus as support for Agitation Free. But the tour fell into the water, the concept remained. And since the majority of Sun Temple Circus participants were founding members of Electric Family anyway, it was only a small step towards reviving the psychedelic rock formation.

When Tom "The Perc" Redecker made a memorable appearance at the Burg-Herzberg-Festival in 1996 with his Electric Family, which he put together at short notice, this was to be the prelude to a Krautrockstory lasting more than 20 years. Even though it took Electric Family ten years to get the "Royal Hunt" successor "Terra Circus" back on the self-woven mat. At the beginning the group liked to include musicians of different German acts like Grobschnitt, Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub, Agitation Free, Artwork, Amon Düül II, Die Ärzte or Pankow, but "Royal Hunt" and now also "Terra Circus" are flawless band albums. The Perc is crumbling down how all this has turned out.

eclipsed: Ten years is between Royal Hunt and Terra Circus. A long time.

The Perc: I remember when we did the "Royal Hunt" back then that we were going to start relatively quickly with the new album. But I hadn't really had the right opportunity to do that. There were also fragments, for example the CAN cover "Mary, Mary So Contrary", which we had actually put down seven or eight years ago.

eclipsed: How did your own songs develop this time? Did you prepare them again or did you create them in the studio?

The Perc: That was a kind of patchwork this time. Unlike the previous records, this time the others were fully integrated into the songwriting. You have to look at it from a different angle. Actually we wanted to do some concerts last year together with Agitation Free as Sun Temple Circus. The tour then fell into the water. We were the ones who suffered, so to speak, because we had already rehearsed intensively.

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