23. October 2014

Electric Orange


Three quarters of Electric Orange were reachable for the interview. "Double D", as keyboarder Dirk Jan Müller and guitarist Dirk Bittner, the founding fathers of the band, call themselves with a wink, and drummer Georg Monheim provide a look behind the scenes.

eclipsed: The new album contains some elements that are unusual for Electric Orange: acoustic passages, avant-garde structures, Far Eastern sounds.

Georg Monheim: That actually happened consciously, and when I listen to the result, I like it very much. By the way, we don't even find the sounds Far Eastern.

Dirk Jan Müller: We also did a few more sessions with other instruments than usual, with acoustic bass, mandolin, banjo, straw violin. I don't really hear anything from the Far East.

Dirk Bittner: Sounding Far Eastern was not an intention.

eclipsed: Okay, overruled, so not Far Eastern. Despite the innovations, "Volume 10" is immediately recognizable as Electric Orange.

Monheim: I have already heard completely opposite opinions. Just for the first half, some people told me they wouldn't have recognized Electric Orange if they didn't know. For the electric orange sound the many original instruments of DJM [Dirk Jan Müller; note] play a considerable role. He also mixes the recordings, and we're glad he can do it the way he can.

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