ELECTRIC ORANGE - "sounding" of the neo-krautrock kind

22. November 2021

ELECTRIC ORANGE - „Verklanglichungen“ der neokrautrockigen Art

Electric Orange, active since the early 90s and with many releases on their credit side, are an integral part of the German neo-psychedelic and neo-krautrock scene that can no longer be imagined without. The quartet from Aachen, consisting of keyboarder Dirk Jan Müller, guitarist Dirk Bittner, drummer Georg Monheim and new bassist Werner Wieczorek, plays big with the current album "Psi-Hybrid" and reveals the background.

eclipsed: In contrast to your last albums, you constructed "Psi-Hybrid" less improvised and more piece by piece. Why the different approach?

Dirk Jan Müller: After many years of more or less improvisation, we had the feeling that we had to do something different and work more or less the way we did before the "Netto" album. There have always been phases in our history where we changed our way of working.

Underground Trips November 2017

26. October 2017

Underground Trips November 2017


1. Electric Orange - EOXXV
2. 3rd Ear Experience - Stoned Gold
3. Monkey3 - Live At Freak Valley
4. Snowy Dunes - Atlantis
5. Sendelica - The Fellowship...

1. Simo - I Pray
2. Frozen Planet....1969 - Through Hell's Kaleidoscope
3. Carlton Melton - Hidden Lights
4. Whitenails - The Crooked Lake
5. Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo - Hobo Blues

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21. September 2016

One can argue about whether the new Electric Orange work "Misophonia" is more rhythmically oriented or whether it focuses on large sound landscapes. But you don't have to, because the symbiosis of these two styles is outstanding throughout the 76 minutes of play.

Underground Tips September 2016

23. August 2016

Underground Tips September 2016

Top albums

1. It's Not Night It's Space - Our Birth...
2. Da Captain Trips - Live at At least
3rd Henryspenncer - Hypnosis Gumbo
4th Kaleidobolt - The Zenith Cracks
5th West, Space and Love - II
Top tracks

1. Sendelica - The Cromlech Suite
2nd Electric Orange - Misophonia I-III
3rd Ethereal Riffian - I Am Deathless
4th Acid Mothers Temple - Nebulous Hyper Meditation
5th Zerynthia - Tertius

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Underground Tips February 2016

19. January 2016

Underground Tips February 2016

Top albums

1. The Spacelords - Liquid Sun
2nd Sophie's Earthquake - The Flood
3rd Favalli & Bratva - Split 4th Astrodome
- Astrodome 5th
Satta Caveira - Mushrooms Session
Top tracks

1. Bridle - The Serpentshrine
2nd Sula Bassana - Moonbase Alpha Alpha
3rd Forming The Void - Saber
4th Electric Orange - B-Sphere
5th Bardo Pond - The Creator Has A Master Plan

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eclipsed No. 165 / 11-2014

21. January 2015

PINK FLOYD - Let there be more Wright

The announcement of a new Pinkloyd album - the first in twenty years - resembled a bang. The decision of Messrs. Gilmour and Mason to do little or no promotion at all for their tribute to their deceased band colleague Rick Wright, though. This approach raises many questions. Don't the old masters believe in themselves and their output? Do you think the whole thing might already be a mistake? Or did they just hire the wrong PR agency? eclipsed about the trials and tribulations surrounding "The Endless River".


23. October 2014


Three quarters of Electric Orange were reachable for the interview. "Double D", as keyboarder Dirk Jan Müller and guitarist Dirk Bittner, the founding fathers of the band, call themselves with a wink, and drummer Georg Monheim provide a look behind the scenes.

eclipsed: The new album contains some elements that are unusual for Electric Orange: acoustic passages, avant-garde structures, Far Eastern sounds.

Georg Monheim: That actually happened consciously, and when I listen to the result, I like it very much. By the way, we don't even find the sounds Far Eastern.

Dirk Jan Müller: We also did a few more sessions with other instruments than usual, with acoustic bass, mandolin, banjo, straw violin. I don't really hear anything from the Far East.

Dirk Bittner: Sounding Far Eastern was not an intention.


24. April 2014


No one has an exact definition, but everyone knows what is meant when we talk about Krautrock. "Krautrock is not a musical genre, but a term for a phase: 1969 to 1974," explains Dirk Jan Müller of the band Electric Orange. "Krautrock can be anything. "He was most exciting when he wasn't Anglo-American." Exactly this independence is embodied by bands like Faust, CAN, Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh, Guru Guru or Kraan, who showed a creative unconcern unknown to local conditions. Tom Redecker of The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman describes Krautrock as "Germany's only contribution to the worldwide phenomenon of rock music". Of course, Krautrock is wide-ranging: electronics from Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream; art rock from Eloy, Jane or Grobschnitt; anarchistic folk from Witthüser & Westrupp.

eclipsed No. 95 / 10-2007

09. April 2014

Chronicler of the American (Alpine) Dream

In 1988 the band Prefab Sprout made it clear in their song "Cars And Girls" that life is about more than cars and girls - an obvious side blow to Bruce Springsteen and his supposedly limited view of the world. At the end of September the new Boss album "Magic" will be released. A welcome opportunity to look back on Springsteen's career and see what the man from New Jersey is really interested in.

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