End of the closed season for salon lions - Everything used to be better for BRYAN FERRY than his own music

20. January 2015

Bryan Ferry Roxy Music

The eternal charmer suffers from progressive cultural pessimism: the chart hits are getting worse and worse, the youth has no style anymore, and the ladies are no longer what they used to be. A scenario against which the former art teacher fights on his latest work "Avonmore" with rocky Edelpop of old school.

eclipsed: Bryan, what's wrong with the present?

Bryan Ferry: A lot. I hope I don't sound like an old bag now, but sometimes I want the sixties and seventies back. That was a better time. More importantly, I was young. (laughs) Besides, you can hardly listen to the current music anymore. She's vulgar, obscene, provocative and bad. So nothing that makes you feel happy.

eclipsed: What you react to with songs that sound like classic Roxy Music - with a lot of heartache, lust and desire..

Ferry: (laughs) All the good stuff. So I hope that people will enjoy this album. Because it's music with big, strong feelings.

eclipsed: This is your third work in four years, accompanied by countless concerts. Is it because of your expensive divorce in 2013 or are you panicking at the last minute?

Ferry: Probably my many activities are the real reason for my divorce. (laughs) But seriously: It could actually be connected with this feeling that I don't have forever time - and I should use it as intensively as possible. Because let's be honest, being constantly active keeps us young. So that can't be wrong.

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