Goldseelchen - BLUES PILLS are much more soulful on "Lady In Gold

23. May 2016

Blues Pills

Goldseelchen - BLUES PILLS are much more soulful on "Lady In Gold

On Sunday, 16 April, the Donz village near the Swabian Alb is visited by journalists. The idyllic spot in Lautertal is the home of Nuclear Blast. Since its foundation in 1987, the record company has become a global player in the metal business. In the meantime, however, the label makers have also turned to the less metallic rock sector.

Besides acts like the Black Star Riders and Kadavar there are at the moment mainly the Swedish high-flyers Blues Pills who have Nuclear Blast in their pool. Since the release of their self-titled debut album two years ago, the band around exceptional singer Elin Larsson has made a truly impressive ascent. The quartet has already become the flagship of Retro Rock, the area dedicated to the sound and feeling of the seventies.

On this Sunday in April media representatives from Germany, but also from Scandinavia crowd into the label premises. Nuclear Blast present their new record in the presence of their model students. "Lady In Gold" Blues Pills have signed over their second longplayer. One might think of Uriah Heep's "Lady In Black" as the title suggests, the other might think of the golden shimmering splendour of Erin Larsson's hair.

Anyway: The title track sounds directly from the speakers, the first of ten songs of the forty-minute work. The production is much bigger and fuller than that of the debut, without losing the band's authenticity. It is also striking that the keyboard instruments now appear equally in the band sound: Rolling piano and above all a classical hard rock organ adorn the pieces. "Little Boy Preacher" is very soulful and works with powerful background choirs; on "Burned Out" the Seventies organ dominates. All in all a brilliant introduction to the new Blues Pills Songkosmos...

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