JOE BONAMASSA - On the road to success

25. September 2014

Joe Bonamassa

JOE BONAMASSA - On the road to success

The workhorse Joe Bonamassa had surprisingly prescribed himself a good one-year studio break until a new solo album. In the sixteen months between "Driving Towards The Daylight" and the new album "Different Shades Of Blue", two products with Beth Hart (the second studio album "Seesaw" as well as the DVD/CD "Live In Amsterdam") were released; the New Yorker also released the live DVD/CDs "Beacon Theatre: Live From New York", "An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House" and "Tour De Force". This proves that the blues rocker is still tirelessly on the road in ever larger concert halls all over the world. His latest work is a very special one, because "Different Shades Of Blue" consists - unusual for Bluesers in general and Bonamassa in particular - only of original compositions. The singer/guitarist wrote these alone as well as in cooperation with other musicians.

eclipsed: Are you happy with the way you did the new songs in the studio?

Joe Bonamassa: You mean, did it become the album that I intended to make? Let me put it this way: It's an album that should explore different facets of Blues and Bluesrock, as I love it, with new songs. And we succeeded. And even more, because just by bringing in people who can write better lyrics than I usually can, I'm very happy with the CD. The songs were partly written with Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, James House and Jerry Flowers. Working with them has inspired me tremendously. These are people who are creative and very structured.

eclipsed: You went to Nashville for this?

Bonamassa: The musical heart of America beats there.

eclipsed: As a fan of British blues rock you should write and produce an album on the island. After all, your friend, the singer-songwriter Sandi Thom, is Scottish.

Bonamassa: (laughs) I haven't thought about it yet, but my producer Kevin Shirley has good contacts to Jimmy Page.

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