JOE BONAMASSA "You can't get along in New York unless you have an open mind"

07. November 2021

JOE BONAMASSA „In New York kannst du nur zurechtkommen, wenn du über einen offenen Geist verfügst“

As already announced last year, JOE BONAMASSA and his team moved to New York City after the album "Royal Tea" was recorded in London's Abbey Road Studios. Actually native terrain for the blues rock superstar born in the state of New York, he has succeeded again there with "Time Clocks" a special album. We chatted with the exceptional guitarist about this, as well as his eagerly awaited return to the world's stages and the future activities of some of his side projects.

JOE BONAMASSA - Back to the island

16. November 2020

JOE BONAMASSA - Zurück auf die Insel

The title of JOE BONAMASSA's new album is programmatic in more than one respect: "Royal Tea", conceived and composed in England and produced at Abbey Road Studios, is the "feel-good" album that the New York-born Californian by choice always wanted to make. Even though the permanent tourer is quite tired of the corona-related forced break, his mood immediately brightens when he thinks back to the implementation of his English project.

JOE BONAMASSA - The Blues as salvation from the Blues

02. October 2018

JOE BONAMASSA - Der Blues als Erlösung vom Blues

His thirteenth studio album "Redemption" is not an easy one for Joe Bonamassa. The blues rock star has experienced many a difficult phase in recent years, so that he has used the blues in all its shades more than ever as a valve. His "Never Ending Tour" recently gave him a working rhythm that the 41-year-old New Yorker needs to breathe like the air. At the same time he thinks about how long he wants to stay on stage.

BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA "Coffee's bad for your voice"

08. March 2018

BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA "Coffee's bad for your voice"

In the darn seventh year of their collaboration, "Black Coffee" is the third studio work of the unequal couple Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa. There she is, carrying her heart on her tongue and unable to give any 08/15 interviews, and there he is, the jack-of-all-trades of blues rock, who would like to be perceived as Eric Clapton of modern times. eclipsed Bonamassa said hello to Beth Hart on the sidelines of his London concert with Black Country Communion Concerts. The magazine spoke at length with Beth Hart.

Beth Hart's career stagnated when Joe Bonamassa recorded soul and rhythm & blues classics with her for the first time in 2011. Although the singer had released "My California" the year before, a great ballad work in the field of rockpop, the star who made the "LA Song" shine in 1999 did not come from the spot. Hart played shows in front of a few hundred people. Yesterday's snow.

eclipsed No. 184 / 10-2016

31. December 2016

LED ZEPPELIN - The Last Remaster?

"That's it," my ass! Jimmy Page has charmingly told us about the new editions of "Presence", "In Through The Out Door" and "Coda". With "The Complete BBC Sessions" the 72-year-old Englishman once again enters the Remasters-Ring and adds eight songs to the live recordings from the late 60s and early 70s as well as a lot of discussion needs. We report what awaits the fan and discuss with Jimmy Page the new extended and revised re-release - possibly the last remaster.

THE BEATLES - Always on the move

eclipsed No. 179 / 4-2016

31. December 2016

YES - Denkmalpflege im Akkord

JOE BONAMASSA - The supreme discipline

21. September 2016

JOE BONAMASSA - The supreme discipline

One can accuse Joe Bonamassa of a lot, but certainly not that he walks through the area without any awareness of music history. "Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks" (2015) was the name of the live recording released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray, which actually originated from the "Thee Kings" predecessor tour in 2014 and which reworks the blues with songs by and in the spirit of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. One year later, the eleven-strong band - including drummer Anton Fig and three female choir singers - were working on creating a rock palace for the blues kings. But even though Joe likes to remember the success of the tour, the guitarist and singer still sets a crazy release and tour pace. So it pays off that the 39-year-old US-American, unlike many other successful musicians, is always at least ten months a year in the studio or on stage. With this workload you can work through a lot, but you can also position yourself broadly musically.

JOE BONAMASSA "Blues Of Desperation"

16. March 2016

Apparently Joe Bonamassa has left the small trough he had to go through with his last studio album and the more routine than rousing shows at the beginning of last year. Not only on stage the 38-year-old presented himself energetic again, his new album "Blues Of Desperation" also seems much more inspired and biting than "Different Shades Of Blue" (2014).

JOE BONAMASSA - No Desperation Act

16. March 2016

JOE BONAMASSA - No Desperation Act

Anyone who only knows 38-year-old Joe Bonamassa from his concerts will be surprised how casually the American backstage is dressed. The stage suit ("because it's good blues tradition to dress decently on stage") looks American through and through with baseball cap, jeans and T-shirt. But there's one thing about him that isn't ami-typical at all: Joe rarely gets lost in niceness phrases. "Have a nice day" and "I'm fine" do not belong to the standard vocabulary of the exceptional guitarist.

When asked before the interview how he is feeling today, after he had been marked by jetlag a few days before the gig in Dortmund, he answers: "I'm totally tired, I woke up at four o'clock today and couldn't fall asleep anymore" So Joe Bonamassa's glamour factor is limited, only on stage does the singer and guitarist become a highly acclaimed star. To the musician who has brought blues rock back into the limelight from a niche not only in Germany.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 86

16. March 2016

JOE BONAMASSA - Mountain Climbing (5:42)
Album: Blues Of Desperation (2016)
Label/Distribution: Provogue/Mascot Label Group/Rough Trade

Even if the master appears here rather stylish than excessive, "Mountain Climbing" bundles all qualities of Bonamassas twelfth studio album "Blues Of Desperation" in a perfect way: Biting songwriting, powerful groove and earthy guitar sounds refined by a top production.