LITTLE STEVEN returns as solo artist - and intends to stay

LITTLE STEVEN returns as solo artist - and intends to stay

He was gone for almost two decades, at least as a solo performer. Steven Van Zandt alias Little Steven has been an integral part of the Bruce Springsteen Camp since "Born To Run" (1975). While Saxer Clarence Clemons was the boss's right hand all his life, Steven was his left. But in the last twenty years he was more active as an actor ("Die Sopranos", "Lilyhammer") than as an album artist besides his engagement in the E Street Band. What made the guitarist decide to continue the legendary "Sound of Asbury Park" with his new record "Soulfire"?

eclipsed: "I'm Coming Back" is the name of a song on "Soulfire" - the perfect motto. But why do you only come back as a solo artist after almost two decades?

Little Steven: I don't have such a good excuse. I spent a lot of time acting, and then with the E Street Band. Now I finally wanted to present myself as a solo artist again. You know, every one of my five solo records before that was musically different. That's not really very clever for a solo career, but I just wanted to experiment back then..

eclipsed: Then how would you describe "Soulfire": violent rock'n'roll with soul brass, the famous "Sound of Asbury Park"?

Little Steven: Yes, rock with soul is my definitive style. Of course, I wanted to return to this particular merger.

eclipsed: How did you choose the songs for the album?

Little Steven: Many good old songs come from my time as a songwriter and producer, among others for Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes. That helped to define my style at the very beginning, and I enjoy this old music much more nowadays.

eclipsed: Which pieces are completely new?

Little Steven: "I Saw The Light" and "The City Weeps Tonight". The latter a doo-wop song, I love that.

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