RETRO? ROCK! - Blues Pills and the New Generation Rock

22. June 2016

Blues Pills

RETRO? ROCK! - Blues Pills and the New Generation Rock

Rock'n'roll in the conference room. Blues Pills have come this far by now. During the first personal conversation eclipsed with Dorian Sorriaux and Elin Larsson, only a few kilometres away from the current meeting point in a noble hotel in Cologne, things were much less civilized: half-naked and sweaty after a support gig for Orchid, the band welcomed us in the backstage room of the mangy, albeit charming, building 9. That was less than three years ago, and even then it was clear to us that a rough diamond was beginning to sparkle. The 2014 release of the first longplayer led to further pats on the back. But now with the second album in their luggage there is hardly any stopping. Lady In Gold" puts the Blues Pills at the top of the retro rock movement.

eclipsed: Journalists always break off when they have to describe where the multinational band Blues Pills comes from. But now you all live in Örebro, Sweden. So: Blues Pills from Sweden, right?

Dorian Sorriaux: Exactly. As a Frenchman, I should say something about that. (laughs) The band base camp is in Örebro, and we're all at home there. Even if I come from France and our bass player Zack [Anderson; note] comes from the USA.

Elin Larsson: I, who actually comes from here, don't want to be a local patriot, because I also like it in Iowa, that's the quiet spot in the USA where Zack comes from. And whenever I am in Germany, I feel very comfortable there. So Örebro is perfectly all right, but we don't want to exaggerate. By Swedish standards it's a big city [a good 100,000 inhabitants], yet it's very manageable. Some good bands come from here [among others Millencolin, Truckfighters; note]. But I don't want to rule out moving somewhere else.

Sorriaux: In less than two hours you will be in Stockholm, Oslo or Gothenburg.

eclipsed: London, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York used to be the top addresses. Now Nashville is very popular with musicians.

Sorriaux: But we are a real band and not session musicians who are always looking for a job. Because that's what musicians are moving to Nashville for.

eclipsed: Besides, you're on tour most of the year. What's the first thing you do when you get home?

Larsson: We are not that luxurious that there would be a huge difference between tour, promotion days and home. Maybe that'll come. So, to answer the question, the first thing I do is wash my clothes.

Sorriaux: (laughs) Look, there are still differences between boys and girls.

eclipsed: Zack once told us that he was always dragged along by his father, who played cover songs in classic rock bands, and so enjoyed his basic musical education. What did it look like to you?

Larsson: My very first musical experience was when I was allowed to play African drums at school. I am really glad that so much value was placed on this kind of musical education in Sweden at that time. I'm afraid it's not so much today. I thought it was great, and maybe it's still in my blood. These are my musical roots: African drumming, not Deep Purple or other rock music or some great soulladies. Okay, I'm oute now: My first record was from the Spice Girls. It was my everything back then. Soul, blues and rock came later.

Sorriaux: My father played the bagpipes. In the corner in France where I come from, this is a traditional instrument. I loved it and I still love it today. When I started playing guitar, all the rock guitarists came into my field of vision. If I now name three or four of them, I get angry afterwards that I forgot to list the others who also influenced me. But I would describe myself as someone who walks through the musical landscape with open ears. My taste can't be locked in drawers.

eclipsed: Your tour guide just told me you're taking her to Adele's soon.

Sorriaux: That's what I mean. I don't care if critics call it pop or rock or whatever. It touches me or it doesn't. I'm looking forward to Adele.

Larsson: Unfortunately she only has one card left, otherwise I would have liked to come with her.

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In the current issue eclipsed 7/8-2016 we have printed a faulty cover of the new album which will be released on August 5th in three places. You can see the actual cover here:

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