SYMPHONY X - Hell on Earth

25. June 2015

Symphony X

SYMPHONY X - Hell on Earth

The focus of the interview with guitarist Michael Romeo is first of all on the health situation of the band. After bassist Michael Lepond apparently had his Crohn's disease well under control in recent years, the news that drummer Jason Rullo had to be admitted to a hospital with heart failure in spring 2013 shocked him. The 47-year-old bandleader with Italian ancestors fortunately gives the all-clear.

Michael Romeo: Jason is doing very well again. He also recorded the drums on "Underworld" and will go on tour with us. He has been in rehab for several months and his doctors are very confident that he is completely cured. In principle, playing drums is even beneficial for him, because the heart is strengthened again.

eclipsed: "Underworld" is not a concept work in the classical sense, but there is a central theme throughout the album.

Romeo: Before every album you need something like a spark, an inspiration. The new one was supposed to be gloomy and emotional, and then I came across Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy". But I didn't want to retell the story word for word, but tried to transport motifs and contents in a certain way into modern times. The overarching theme is that you go to hell and back for something or someone you care about. And in principle, all of us can somehow find ourselves in this topic.

eclipsed: You were also inspired by Dante's number symbolism.

Romeo: Yes, it's a kind of bonus for the fans who want to get more involved with our music. As a tribute to Dante's use of the number 3 and its multiples, we have used this motif both in music and in connection with texts and melodies. Take, for example, the opener "Nevermore": The title is triosyllabic and contains triolic melody phrases as well as three cross references to three songs of the third album, "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy". Such hidden details can be found all over the album. Enjoy your search!

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