On his second solo album, Symphony X guitarist MICHAEL ROMEO combines film music and prog metal

28. August 2018

Auf seinem zweiten Soloalbum bringt Symphony-X-Gitarrist MICHAEL ROMEO Filmmusik und Progmetal zusammen

Actually, the time was ripe for a new Symphony X album. But last year, the progmetallers from New Jersey took time out. Almost all band members then jumped into other projects. In summer, Russell Allen's band Adrenaline Mob had a terrible touring bus accident in which two people died and Allen has not yet fully recovered from its consequences. For guitarist Michael Romeo there was inevitably a window of opportunity to try something new with "War Of The Worlds".

eclipsed: Michael, could"War Of The Worlds" also display the Symphony X logo?

Yes and no. Of course I can't deny my style, but due to the electronic elements and the strong focus on orchestral passages the album has a very own character.

eclipsed: Were there differences in songwriting?

eclipsed No. 172 / 7/8-2015

09. December 2015

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