THRESHOLD - Six men in one boat

25. September 2014


THRESHOLD - Six men in one boat

A full five years lay between "Dead Reckoning" (2007) and "March Of Progress" (2012). Five years in which almost all members of Threshold were also busy with personal and private changes. The negative highlight in 2011 was the death of their former singer Andrew "Mac" McDermott, who left the band in 2007. Meanwhile the new line-up with guitarist Pete Morten and the returnee Damian Wilson has worked out very well. A more fan-friendly frontman than Wilson, who has an outstanding voice and a similar charisma, can hardly be wished for by a rock group: Before the beginning of a concert, he likes to mix with the audience, sounds and jokes with them. The man with the Rübezahl beard is also very open in the interview. The usual promotion snack for the new album quickly becomes a minor matter.

eclipsed: Usually guitarist Karl Groom and keyboarder Richard West do the interviews for you. You'd better back off. What's the matter with you?

Damian Wilson: The two are usually much clearer in their statements, which is very helpful especially to the English press, because there many sentences are turned around in the mouth. I have much less problems with the German press.

eclipsed: The band chemistry seems better than ever before. Is the impression correct?

Wilson: Ultimately, I can only compare the situation today with my time in the nineties [1992/1993 and 1996 to 1998; note], and against this background I have to say quite clearly that today we really are one and understand each other very well. In the early days it was very different. On our first tour gingʼs it was pretty hard, up to fights in the bus, which even cost me a knuckle once. Today we ask ourselves how it could have come to this at all. But with age a bit of wisdom and calmness comes as well. I was really sorry I left the band back then. I'm usually not a guy who gives up or lets a band hang, but at that time I didn't feel like a full member. Today it's completely different: Threshold are a real band, and we all pull together.

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