WOLVESPIRIT - Only together are we strong and free

27. May 2015


WOLVESPIRIT - Only together are we strong and free

The new disc of the Würzburg four-man and one woman band is called "Free". In comparison to the predecessor "Dreamcatcher" (2013), the well-known hard and glam rock producer Michael Wagener has once again put on a gear in terms of professionalism. Like Elin Larsson of The Blues Pills, Debby Craft is a power front woman with a distinctly independent character, and the colourful and form-ful comic artwork also builds a similar Seventies hippie image.

eclipsed: What does "Free" stand for? With the revealing cover of a naked lady with flowing long hair you could think of some other things besides old hippie ideals.

Debby Craft: I studied art and I also work full-time in this scene. For me, this form of femininity is the pure expression of sensuality. In ancient primitive peoples this is synonymous with Mother Earth, "Gaia". We're born naked and we die like that. So this has nothing to do with sex, but with beauty, harmony and harmony with nature.

eclipsed: There are also other symbols incorporated...

Craft: Yeah, what's important to us as a band. The lion stands for a strong will to achieve something in life, even if you stumble. The owl represents wisdom. I always need new knowledge on my path in life. To be open to everything that happens in our world. The hearts symbolize the purity of unconditional love without expectations. All this ritual can be found on the cover. Well, and a naked woman is also quite simply beautiful. (laughs)

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