After nine years of musical radio silence THE WALLFLOWERS return

5. July 2021

The Wallflowers

Nach neun Jahren musikalischer Funkstille kehren THE WALLFLOWERS zurück

It's a strange feeling when the phone rings and a sonorous, self-confident voice answers with the words "Hello, this is Jakob Dylan". The internet teaches that he doesn't like questions about his famous father at all, and of course he has enough to say about the new - convincing - album "Exit Wounds" by his band The Wallflowers. But in the end he is ready to say a few sentences about his father.

eclipsed: Why did you take almost a decade off while not releasing a Wallflowers album or a solo album?

Jakob Dylan: Actually, the break wasn't planned to be that long, but the pandemic got in the way, the new album has been on hold for over a year. Before that, though, I had to get out of the grind and try other things. Not that I didn't feel like making music anymore, but it's important to take a step back and see things from a different perspective. So one of the things I did was make this film about the Laurel Canyon scene ..

eclipsed: Why did you come back with the band and not as a solo artist? And did the film about the Laurel Canyon scene, "Echo In The Canyon", inspire you?

Dylan: Yeah, when you get that deep into the music and you're introduced to how all these creative people ticked, it inspires your own songwriting, of course. Especially since I had just had a long break. And I wrote songs that I felt were Wallflowers songs and not solo songs. Of course you could argue that I also somehow embody the Wallflowers and that it's somehow the same under a different name, but I don't think like that when I'm composing. I see the band, or I see a solo project.

eclipsed: When and why did you start making music?

Dylan: When you're a teenager, you just want to play in a band, right? There's nothing cooler in the world. So I started one. The only difference is that I stuck with it beyond that teenage dream, whereas most people quit at some point...

The Wallflowers – Roots and Wings

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